World Social Forum Today – Finnish Engagements and Future Visions

Raportit Taustaselvitykset

Thousands of people in Finland have been engaged in the World Social Forum (WSF) process. They have organised local and national social forums in Finland and have been active in the global World Social Forums. Finnish civil society organisations have also cooperated with their southern partners in the context of the WSF process and have, for example, helped them to organise national forums in their own countries. Various Finnish organisations have also formed an Africa Commission of the WSF (ACWSF). The commission meetings have emphasised the need in Finland for discussion on the political implications of the WSF process.
This Working Paper addresses the significance of the WSF process to Finnish civil society and its partners and points to some recommendations for future engagement in the process.

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Sivumäärä 29
Kieli Englanti
Kirjoittajat Jarna Pasanen, Ruby van der Wekken
Julkaistu 01.08.2006