Crowd standing opposite of Säätytalo.

We work to make the world better – for everyone.

Fingo is the umbrella organisation of about 270 Finnish civil society organisations (CSOs) and an expert in global development.

Photo: Mika Niskanen.
  • Fingo Powerbank

    Fingo Powerbank

    Fingo Powerbank supports development NGOs in three areas: innovations, technology solutions and private sector collaboration. Powerbank organizes trainings, shares information and brings actors together.

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  • World Village Festival banner.
    World Village Festival

    World Village Festival

    World Village Festival offers memorable experiences and exciting activities for people of all ages for free. The weekend offers the audience an opportunity to enjoy several concerts, documentaries, timely discussions, kids programme and exhibitors. In 2024 the festival will be organised in Suvilahti on last weekend of May.

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