What Kind of World Do We Want to Live In? From the Millennium Development Goals to the Post 2015 development agenda


The world has changed in many, many ways from the time of the Millennium Declaration. New actions that tackle the root causes of poverty and inequality and go beyond development cooperation are needed. However, the new development agenda should be built on previously completed work and lessons learnt.This publication introduces the new Post 2015 development agenda by starting with an assessment of the Millennium Development Goals. The publication focuses on assessing the lessons learnt from the Millennium Development Goals and the issues civil society believes should be taken into account when drafting the development agenda.

ISSN 1797-9412
Sähköisen version ISBN 978-952-200-217-4
Sivumäärä 19
Kieli Englanti
Kirjoittajat Aino Pennanen, Pauliina Saares, Eva Nilsson, Niklas Kaskeala, Outi Hakkarainen, Kirsi Koivuporras-Masuka
Julkaistu 06.02.2014