The Role of the Development Community in Market Creating Innovation


This report details a webinar organized by The Finnish Development NGOs (Fingo) and Finn Church Aid (FCA) in collaboration with The Innovation Village (TIV) at the Kampala Innovation Week (KIW) on November 26, 2020 to discuss the role of the development community in market creating innovation.


Over the recent years, the development community has collaborated with the private sector to address pressing economic challenges to unlock the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid. This has resulted in improvement of livelihoods of the community and informed development of feasible policies in areas such as civic participation and women empowerment. This two hour session that happened during the 2020 KIW exposed the potential of the development community to enable market-creating innovation and in particular the creative industry in Uganda.


The creative industry is one of the sectors that can be used to target developmental work for youths in the urban growing context. It is also one of the fastest growing industries in the world thereby enabling job, market and wealth creation. However, creatives in developing countries lack the know-how, networks and channels to benefit from their products. On that note, Fingo, FCA and TIV engaged 55 participants through a case study discussion on market creating innovation. This discussion included general studies in creative businesses and digital entrepreneurship with a focus on music and gaming especially in cases where the end product can be distributed digitally and the IP monetized.

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