The Impoverished – Humanity’s Informal Majority (summary)

Raportit Taustaselvitykset

Poverty is the outcome of people’s active deeds or inactivity which maintains existing injustices. Poverty is a result of structures that feed societal inequality. The eradication of poverty – ending of impoverishment – can be successful only if these structures and practices will be dismantled.

This Working Paper introduces those social structures and practicies which cause and maintain impoverishment, and offers ideas to dismantle them.

This Paper is a strong address on course of development policy and hopefully contributes to development cooperation work of activists, students and prosessionals.

This Paper is an abridged version of the book The Impoverished: humanity’s informal majority which was published by KEPA and Like Publications in August 2004.

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Julkaistu 01.07.2007