Is development sustainable? – The world beyond the Millennium Development Goals

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This publication outlines the post-2015 sustainable development goals. Progress has been made towards the Millennium Development Goals, but development has been uneven and not all goals will be achieved. The work to formulate a new set of goals is already under way and Finland must take an active role in this work.The world has changed in many ways since the Millennium Declaration. Time has made the gross domestic product obsolete as a universally applicable indicator of development, while the geography of poverty has changed fundamentally. In order to vanquish global poverty, we need new indicators and means that extend beyond development co-operation. In addition, the environment and human rights must be kept at the heart of development.

ISSN 1797-9412
Sähköisen version ISBN 978-952-200-207-5
Sivumäärä 15
Kieli Englanti
Kirjoittajat Matti Ylönen, Tuuli Hakkarainen, Linda Lönnqvist, Henna Hakkarainen, Outi Hakkarainen
Julkaistu 01.03.2012