Illegal capital flight from developing countries – ”development assistance” from the poor to the rich


Illegal capital flight has been called the biggest obstacle to the development of poor countries. About nine times the amount of world’s total development assistance budgets ends up in rich countries, often routed via tax havens shielded by the high level of banking secrecy. The problem can be solved, and in this Finland too could play a considerably more significant role.
This report shows that the promises given by the G20 and many politicians for reigning in the shadow economy do not tackle the problems caused to developing countries. The international structures that maintain illegal capital flight remain largely unshaken and the voice of the poorest developing countries often remains unheard in deciding measures that affect them.

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Kirjoittajat Henri Purje, Matti Ylönen, Pasi Nokelainen (toim.)
Julkaistu 01.06.2010