Gender – in Development Cooperation

Hakemistot oppaat ja ohjeet

Addressing gender and promoting gender and social equality is one of the cross-cutting themes of Finnish development policy. Gender has been discussed and written about for some thirty years, and particular attention has been paid to it in development cooperation since the latter half of the 1990s. Regardless of this, a lot still remains to be done before gender equality becomes a reality.
This booklet was written to inspire Finnish organisations engaged in development cooperation to  plan and carry out projects that take account of gender, to create equal partnerships with Southern organisations and to promote gender equality through their projects.

Painetun version ISBN 978-952-200-059-0
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Sivumäärä 27
Kieli Englanti
Kirjoittajat Pauliina Mapatha, Kristina Oleng
Julkaistu 01.07.2007