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Futures Camp Fingo – Bringing futures thinking into global development

IN A GLOBAL WORLD of interdependencies, the only way to solve our wicked problems is to create a genuine understanding between different realities. We must therefore pay close attention to the aspirations for futures by those voices that are most often ignored.

Futures thinking is necessary for advancing the profound sustainability transformation of societies. Therefore Fingo has decided to focus on enhancing futures thinking and skills together with its member organisations. Futures Camp Fingo was a unique opportunity to do this in a new way.

Fingo joined the Futures Frequency partnership programme in autumn 2021. The programme, run by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, provided Fingo with funding for a project to focus on broadening the debate on futures. To this end, Fingo experimented a new way of facilitating futures discussions in a camp in August 2022. The core elements of Futures Camp Fingo were collective interaction and peaceful environment to expand imagination and challenge our thinking. There were 16 participants from Fingo Member Organisations, four from our Member Organisations’ partner organisations from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Nepal and two from the Finnish-African cultural centre Villa Karo. Participants also had background in Somalia, Iran, Tonga, and Nigeria. The camp was facilitated by three Fingo employees. Lasting from Friday to Sunday, the camp took place at the Porkkala Camp Centre in Kirkkonummi.

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Kirjoittajat Noora Vähäkari, Anni Vihriälä, Eppu Mikkonen
Julkaistu 25.11.2022