Frame, Voice, Report! – How to Engage Citizens with the Sustainable Development Goals

Hakemistot, oppaat ja ohjeet

The purpose of this booklet is to share reflections, successes and learning outcomes from the FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! (FVR) project.

It can be used to find inspiration from other civil society organisations (CSOs) working on the same topics and themes you do, but also as a source for ideas for new ways of looking at old issues.

This booklet covers both the more theoretical approaches and concrete cases from CSOs across Europe. These cases are examples of the many projects funded by the FVR.

The project had its roots in the previous successes and tried and tested approaches of the partner organisations. The aim of FVR! was to secure resources and develop the value-based, high quality work of civil society organisations. The second aim was to enable smaller organisations to learn about EU project funding and to build capacity on how to conduct high quality global citizenship education and development communications. Finally, the overarching aim of the project was to engage EU citizens with the SDGs.

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Kieli Englanti
Kirjoittajat Pauliina Savola, Johanna Harjunpää
Julkaistu 18.11.2020