Dreams of Solidarity : Finnish Experiences and Reflections from 60 Years


Comprehensive democratisation of South-North relations is crucial to long-term success in the struggle for a more just and livable world. Democracy is as badly required in culture and communication as in politics and the economic order.
Dominant Northern actors usually take it for granted that they must base their interventions in the South on thorough studies of their Southern cooperation partners. They rarely invest any effort at all in opening themselves to appraisal or criticism from the South.
Dreams of Solidarity challenges this routine asymmetry typical of post-colonial structures of communication and accountability. It is a polyphonic, self-reflective report on how people of one small, Northern country, Finland, have during the past 60 years worked and struggled for worldwide justice and on what they have learnt on the way.
The aim is to open the solidarity movement of the North to criticism from the South so that we might all learn about how we can stand and work together.
Published by KEPA and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakan -Coalition for Comprhencive Democracy (Lokayan/CSDS, Delhi, India) together with Like Pystykorva (Like – Finnish Peace Defenders Publishing). Published in Kepa Publications -series, number 24.

ISSN 0784-8005
Painetun version ISBN 952-471-224-5
Sähköisen version ISBN 952-471-224-5
Sivumäärä 281
Kieli Englanti
Kirjoittajat Outi Hakkarainen, Miia Toikka, Thomas Wallgren (toim.)
Julkaistu 01.01.2003