Corporate Accountability – We should not be indifferent to the way corporations operate in developing countries.


Corporate activity is in a position to generate muchneeded jobs, capital, technology, and know how. On the other hand, abuses of workers and local inhabitants’ rights, environmental destruction, over-consumption of natural resources, tax evasion and avoidance, and corruption are a deplorable aspect of corporate activity worldwide.Civil society organizations (CSOs) and local associations may find themselves at loggerheads with corporations on issues of accountability. CSOs act as watchdogs of corporate accountability but engage in cooperation with businesses. Both roles are important. This report describes the impact of corporate activity in the global South. It tries to identify solutions to the problems associatedwith this activity. Here we chiefly focus on the

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Kirjoittajat Eva Nilsson, Timo Kuronen, Linda Lönnqvist, Pauliina Sarvilahti-Jiménez, José Valdivia
Julkaistu 01.03.2014