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Futures Camp Fingo – Let’s envision alternative and more sustainable futures together!

During these unstable times, it is more important than ever to gather and envision more sustainable future directions. We, at Fingo, invite 20 participants from our member and their partner organisations to envision alternative, desired futures. And now it is time to apply! Come and join us at Futures Camp Fingo – an inspirational, safe and open space where everyone is heard. Our tech-free camp cherishes an actual presence and real-life-encounters and is organised on 26–28 August 2022 at a camp resort in the Finnish archipelago (1-hour drive from Helsinki). Let us take concrete steps together for more inclusive and diverse future talk!

At the camp, we will envision genuinely sustainable futures that are open and accessible for everyone – together. During the camp, you will familiarise yourself in depth with the Futures Frequency workshop method, developed by The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, for building alternative futures – and you will be able to utilise the method later in your own work. In addition, you will participate in a wider societal debate about the possible future directions: our future visions, created during the camp, are gathered into a publication, and presented in a panel event to Finnish policymakers, scholars and NGOs. Our visions will also foster Fingo’s foresight work in the coming years. Last but not least, you will be able to be actually present and face other future makers away from all the buzz by the Nordic seaside surrounded by Finnish wilderness.

We warmly invite you, the representatives of Fingo’s member organizations, to apply for the camp. We also recommend that you encourage the representatives of your partner organisations outside of Finland to join us. Everyone applies for the camp as an individual by filling in the application form for Fingo’s members or partner organisations. Our aim is to gather together at the camp an as diverse and motivated group of people as possible to make room for more versatile and inclusive future talk. We welcome applications from representatives with various nationalities, ages, sexes and minority status. The most important application criterion is to have an enthusiastic attitude towards envisioning and building alternative futures! When selecting the participants outside of Finland, we take into consideration how they could utilise the know-how from the camp at their home organisations. Participation is free of charge – all the costs, including travel expenses, are covered. The camp will be conducted in English.

The Futures Camp Fingo is funded by The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

In short:

What: Futures Camp Fingo – an inspirational, safe and open space to envision alternative futures. Knowledge of futures thinking or its methods is not required beforehand.

To whom: Representatives of Fingo’s member organisations and their partners. We do not limit people by their age or occupation. All you need to be is motivated and open-minded.

When: Application period 25 April–31 May 2022 and the camp is on 26–28 August 2022. We will confirm with those selected in late May. We will also apply a queuing system if needed. After selection, we will confirm attendance with all applicants. Cancelation terms and rules will be determined before attendance confirmation.

Where: at a camp resort in the Finnish archipelago. Accommodation is in small log cabins (1-2 people per room). There is electricity and running water, and all meals provided by the resort restaurant.

Costs: free – all the costs are covered. Fingo can assist with travel bookings if needed.