Counter opinion: UNDP is a leading development actor

In response to our story ”YK:n erityisraportoija: Rahoittakaa demokratiaa, älkää missään nimessä UNDP:tä” where special rapporteur Maina Kiai criticized the UNDP, the UNDP has sent us the following counter opinion.

Teksti: UNDP Statement

UNDP’s record as a leading global development actor, thought leader and the coordinator of all United Nations development activities in countries speaks for itself. Currently, we are on the ground in over 170 countries and territories, where our programmes have and continue to empower lives and help build nations that can withstand crisis.
UNDP is a leader in sustainable human development and plays a critical role in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals – a set of internationally agreed development targets to try to halve global poverty by 2015. In the crucial work we do, we promote the protection of human rights and the empowerment of women, minorities and the poorest and most vulnerable populations in society. We help countries in their efforts to withstand and recover from disasters and conflicts, address climate change impacts, and improve governance structures, supporting an average of 26 national elections every year throughout the world.
In all these areas of work, UNDP, as the lead development agency in the UN system, works collaboratively and constructively with a wide range of civil society partners to meet our shared development goals.
In addition to being respected for our Human Development Report, we continue to enjoy the trust, confidence and support of donors, numerous aid agencies, civil society and other stakeholders for the broad scope and inclusive nature of our sustainable development work. Last year, UNDP and the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), which we administer, received almost $5.1 billion in funding. In comparison to other international organizations with an equally large global presence, UNDP allocates only a very small proportion of its funding towards communication and branding activities, saving the bulk of its resources for helping to produce transformative changes in people’s lives.
We are committed to increasing our overall efficiency, accountability and transparency. Recently, ”Publish What You Fund,” a global campaign for aid transparency, ranked UNDP in the top ten among 72 organizations in its Aid Transparency Index for 2012.
Like all other development actors, UNDP realizes it must meet many development and other challenges such as ongoing wars and armed conflicts, rising inequality, the impact of climate change and ecosystem degradation. Much of our work is in challenging environments where successful results are not always easily and immediately observed. But we are committed to working collaboratively with governments and all our partners and using our global convening power, relationships of trust and strong country presence to address the pressing development priorities of our time. YK:n erityisraportoija: Rahoittakaa demokratiaa, älkää missään nimessä UNDP:tä