Finland and the 2030 Agenda – the first follow-up report by CSOs published

As the UN high-level political forum on sustainable development (HLPF) starts today, the English version of the CSO -report examining Finland’s achievements and challenges in reaching the SDGs has been published.

Teksti: Anna-Stiina Lundqvist Kuva: Anna-Stiina Lundqvist/Kepa

Finland and the 2030 Agenda – A follow-up report by CSOs focuses on the same Goals as each year’s HLPF does. This year the report finds out how Finland is succeeding in eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world by having a look in Goals 1, 2, 3, 5, 9,14 and 17.

The follow-up report of Government´s achievements in implementing the Agenda 2030 was published last May at World Village Festival in Helsinki. The report was prepared by ten Finnish organisations (The Finnish League for Human Rights, Kepa, Save the Children Finland, Plan International Finland, The Finnish Blue Ribbon, SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health, The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Finnish Olympic Committee, Finnish Red Cross and WWF Finland), with each being responsible for its respective area of expertise. Other organisations have also contributed to the report.

The follow-up report examines the current state of the im­plementation of sustainable development in Finland and provides Finnish decision-makers with concrete tools for achieving the Goals for sustainable development. The re­port includes policy recommendations for global policies, national decision-making and work at the level of munici­palities and regions. The report is published in English at the HLPF, as part of the inter­national Social Watch network’s Spotlight series of reports.

More about the dilemmas CSOs are facing in enhancing a proper implementation and follow-up of the SDGs in the Finnish society can be read from Outi Hakkarainen’s entry in Together 2030 Special Blog Series for the 2017 HLPF.

Finland and the 2030 Agenda – A follow-up report by CSOs

Report in Finnish: Suomi ja Agenda 2030 – kansalaisjärjestöjen seurantaraportti