Ernest Sungura interviewing the panelists; Pili Mtambalike (MCT) Kuva: Ernest Sungura interviewing the panelists; Pili Mtambalike (MCT)

Yellow card for civic space in Tanzania

There is some room for Tanzanian civil society to take action, but currently the space is shrinking instead of opening. This means that the civic actors recognize the growing number of restrictions and hindering factors limiting CSO’s opportunity to carry out their work. However, there are also many solutions at hand to change this development.

Teksti: Kirsi Koivuporras-Masuka Kuva: Kirsi Koivuporras-Masuka

This was the conclusion of the vivid discussion witnessed during the joint seminar organized by Kepa and the Embassy of Finland in Tanzania. The main aim of the seminar was to bring together different actors, civil society organizations, donor partners and representatives of governmental institutions in Tanzania. The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss how to take joint action in order to enable a healthy environment for civil society in Tanzania.Despite many challenges, a great number of solutions for tackling shrinking space were recognized during the day. The following presentation summarizes the main points of the seminar’s discussion as well as the proposed solutions for shrinking civic space we collected from participants during the day.Seminar report: Joint action for creating enabling environment for civil society in Tanzania from Kepa ry