Consultant to assess policy coherence in the context of the EU Farm to Fork strategy and linkages to selected African countries’ climate adaptation and mitigation efforts

Tender invitation for an external consultant to assess policy coherence in the context of the EU Farm to Fork strategy and linkages to selected African countries’ climate adaptation and mitigation efforts

Finnish Development NGOs – Fingo, a leader of Towards Open, Fair and Sustainable Europe in the World – EU Presidency Project 2019-2021, is seeking a consultant to develop an assessment of policy coherence and notions of ‘just transition’ of the EU Green Deal’s Farm to Fork strategy from the viewpoint of selected African partner countries’ climate agendas and a climate justice perspective. The assessment report is to serve Fingo, as well as its member and partner organisations, as a baseline for future policy analysis and as a knowledge resource for Fingo’s advocacy work.

The deadline for applications is 22nd of January 2021.


The European Green Deal is a set of policy initiatives by the European Commission with the overarching aim of making Europe climate neutral by 2050. The European Parliament voted to support the deal in January 2020. Under the initiative, each EU law may be reviewed from a climate perspective, and new legislation is likely to be introduced in various sectors. The Green Deal includes, inter alia, domestic plans for agriculture – the Farm to Fork strategy – a circular economy action plan, a biodiversity strategy, and a review of all relevant climate-related policy instruments, including the Emissions Trading System, and a Carbon Border Adjustment (CBA) mechanism is under discussion. The annual cost of implementing the Green Deal is estimated at 260 billion euros a year by 2030.


The purpose of the consultancy is to conduct a meta-assessment of studies and evaluations assessing anticipated impacts of the EU Green Deal and especially its Farm to Fork strategy on African climate agendas and initiatives in the agriculture and land use sectors. The study will analyse the coherence/incoherence between the EU’s Farm to Fork, climate and development cooperation policies, on the one hand, and African climate and food security conventions, strategies, and efforts on the other. Taking a climate justice and sustainable economy perspective, the assessment will provide a baseline against which further policy analysis will be conducted.

Tasks and deliverables

The consultant is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Together with Fingo, plan the assessment, its focus, scope, and methodology based on consultations with key resources.
  • Conduct a meta-analysis of existing research about the subject.
  • Conduct a rapid media analysis about the subject, to feed into the final report.
  • Depending on the availability of secondary data and research, the consultant may also base the analysis on primary data collected in the form of approximately ten (10) key qualitative interviews, of which the findings will be compared with the secondary data and fed into the final report.

Main deliverables:

  • A brief inception report of 2-4 pages presenting the methodology and data to be used, as well as an updated work plan and schedule. The final format and content of the final assessment report will also be defined in the inception report, based on discussions and agreement with Fingo.
  • An assessment report covering the expectations mentioned in the ToR
  • A maximum of two-page summary of the report and its results
  • A PowerPoint presentation of the results

Consultant requirements

Key skills include:

  • meta-assessment and policy analysis;
  • processing large bodies of information and policy texts;
  • experience in organising, planning and executing large meta-level studies in the areas of EU development cooperation, sustainable development, agricultural and climate policy;
  • EU level policy advocacy/policy development experience;
  • Preferably work experience from African developing countries, or work experience from developing country policy institutions or civil society organisations in developing countries

Contact details and further information

Emilia Runeberg
Adviser, climate policy, Fingo
Tel +358 50 317 6686

Anne Peltonen
Project Manager, Fingo
Tel +358 40 940 2262