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Find useful learning material about innovations, technology solutions and private sector collaboration. The material is frequently updated.

Women with disabilities earn income by making carpets in Ethiopia – NGO & private sector success story

Women with disabilities have earned a livelihood in Ethiopia with carpets. This results from collaboration between NGOs and companies.

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Technology and Digital Accessibility Toolkit for NGOs

Fingo Powerbank Accessibility Toolkit is to help development organizations utilizing technology in their program work.

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New round of NGO experiments begin in Eastern Africa

13 NGOs will begin their experiments with their local partners in East Africa. The aim is to utilize technology to support NGOs’ efforts.

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Report: At the Intersection of Gender and Technology

This report provides an overview and analysis of the different kinds of programmes and initiatives that use technology for gender equality.

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Illustrations, disability and technology

Digital Readiness of Tanzanian NGOs for Disability Inclusion

This 30-page report profiles the digital readiness of Tanzanian Local NGOs working with People Living with Disabilities (PLWDs).

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Fingo Powerbankin Matchmaking Platform

Get introduced to the Matchmaking Platform

Fingo Powerbank has published the Matchmaking Platform. The platform lists over 50 potential private sector partners for development NGOs.

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Experiment picture

Call for NGOs: Carry out an experiment in East Africa

Fingo Powerbank releases a new call for experimentations by member organizations and their local partners in East Africa.

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Illustration of Kenya's map.

Report: NGO-Private Sector Collaboration in Kenya

The NGO-Private Sector Collaboration in Kenya -report looks at the current nature of engagement between NGOs and private sector actors in Kenya.

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Replay: NGO Experimentations – Learning Sessions

In these two sessions, development NGOs shared their learnings about the experiments they started in the spring of 2020 in East Africa.

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Introduction Video: What is Digital Data Gathering?

Fingo Powerbank releases a new call for experimentations by member organizations and their local partners in East Africa.

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Details from the photographer's own abstract painting.

Replay: Design Thinking Learning Webinar

What is design thinking? How can it support development NGOs? These were some of the questions examined in our webinar with Josh Harvey.

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Abstract technology backgrounds stock photo

Replay: How to Get Started with AI as an NGO?

What does artificial intelligence (AI) mean? What kind of opportunities does it offer for development NGOs? Check out our webinar to learn more.

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African children doing their homework with their mother

Video: What “innovation” means for development NGOs?

Innovation is a tricky concept and might be difficult to grasp. How can the term be understood in the field of international development?

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Landscape analysis: Kenya’s Innovation Ecosystem

The report digs deep into the scope and dynamics of Kenya’s innovation ecosystem. What is the role of CSOs’ and other actors?

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Photo of an African family on a laptop.

Landscape report: Digital Education in Tanzania

The digital education ecosystem in Tanzania consists of government and various civil society players and solutions – Tanzanian and international.

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African children using a laptop inside classroom in remote school in southern Kenya.

Landscape report: Digital education in Kenya

What does the digital ecosystem of educational actors and solutions look like in Kenya? Our landscape report provides answers to this question.

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Mobile phone with KoBoToolbox website.

Replay: Digital Data Gathering with KoBoToolbox

Would you like to learn how to use a digital data gathering tool in your development project? Check out the recording and slides from our workshop.

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Replay: Kaynote by Tonny On my way!ansa and NGO Case Examples

Check out the keynote speech by Dr. Tonny Omwansa and two NGO Experimentation case examples from the Fingo Annual General Meeting.

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Report: Potential Corporate Partners in Finland

This report analyses and maps Finnish companies who might be potential partners for development NGOs. Report is only in Finnish.

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Map of Kenya on blue digital background. All source data is in the public domain: https://www.naturalearthdata.com/downloads/10m-cultural-vectors/

Replay: Digital Data gathering, Analysis & Visualization for NGOs

Fingo Powerbank organized two training events about digital data gathering. Check out all the presentations and a recording from the first session.

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Tanzanian radio

7 experiments to boost development NGOs efforts

Development NGOs are creating innovative solutions via Fingo Powerbank this and the next year. The experiments focus on East Africa.

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High angle view over the city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania

Replay: Report Launch – Digital Education in Tanzania

Did you miss the Report Launch: Digital Education in Tanzania? Check out the recording and the two presentations from the event.

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African teenagers using a laptop

Here are the Principles for Digital Development

Design with the user, analyze the ecosystem and make decisions based on data. These are some of the nine Principles for Digital Development.

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Young woman holding a mobilephone.

5 technology tips for NGOs in the COVID-19 pandemic

Technological solutions offer several opportunities to help communities, organizations and their local partners during the coronavirus pandemic.

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African family on a laptop.

Top insights from Global Digital Development Forum

Fingo Powerbank’s expert Peter Njuguna shares his five key insights from attending the Global Digital Development Forum (GDDF).

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Female Factory Engineer Taking Notes While Standing Near the Heavy Machinery

How to collaborate with companies? Start with these 5 advices

Collaboration between NGOs and companies can be highly fruitful for both parties. We asked two experts for 5 tips for development NGOs.

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Young girls sitting on a sand dune and using digital tablet in desert village, Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India.

Want to learn more about technology? Top 5 resources

The use of technology can greatly support the work of development NGOs. But where to start? Check out these 5 tips and resources.

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A morning backlit image of a young African male in his vegetable garden, he sits on his haunches holding a tablet while smiling at the camera.

New to innovations? Start with tese steps and resources

Would you like to learn more about innovations but do not know where to start? We have listed you the top 5 tips and resources.

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