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Learn and teach with Fingo’s materials

Develop your skills with Fingo’s high-quality learning materials that provide insights into social impact, effective development planning and inspiring global education among other things.

Development cooperation materials

Project Cycle Management in Development Cooperation (online course)

This online self-study package is designed for all civil society organizations (CSOs) planning and implementing development cooperation projects. The aim is to support learning and capacity development of the CSOs, as well as to improve the quality and effectiveness of projects. The online material is also used in our face-to-face trainings as support and background material.

Fingo Powerbank project materials

Fingo Powerbank supports development NGOs in three areas: innovations, technology solutions and private sector collaboration.  

Advocacy materials

Introduction to Advocacy: Think, Strategize, Plan and Act (pdf)

This practical guide and toolkit for conducting advocacy training is meant for different civil society actors to be utilized in learning the basics of advocacy as well as to improve advocacy activities together with partners. Make sure to also check out the PowerPoint presentation Introduction to Advocacy.

Global citizenship education materials

Frame, Voice, Report! – How to Engage Citizens with the Sustainable Development Goals

The purpose of this booklet is to share reflections, successes and learning outcomes from the FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! (FVR) project.

Enhancing Southern Voices in Global Education (pdf)

The guide introduces steps we can take to strengthen the voices of people from the global south in global education and looks at interesting examples found in the work of different NGOs.  

Update Your Learning Materials! (pdf)

This guide is a checklist meant for anyone creating learning materials for schools. It makes it easy to check whether learning materials promotes global citizenship education.

Global education -website materials provides information on the themes and actors of global education and tools for global citizenship. There are dozens of NGOs and citizens groups who act for global citizenship and justice in Finland. The website contains a material bank with examples of hundreds of Global Education materials and methods. The materials are mostly in Finnish and can be found in the Vinkit section. Some tips are also in English.

Bridge 47 network materials

Bridge 47 was created to bring people together to share and learn from each other. They mobilize civil society (NGOs) from all around the world to do their part in creating a more fair, peaceful and equitable world with the help of Global Citizenship Education.  Read more on the network’s website and check out their resources.

Other materials

Civil Society Today: Civic Charter – Mobile Course

We have launched a mobile course about the state of the civil society today in collaboration with Funzi. The basis for the course is the Civic Charter which frames the rights that all people have as citizens, factors that support gaining these rights and the duties of governments to fulfill them. The course consists of 19 learning cards and four quizzes to check your understanding.  

Compass for Partners – Towards Quality in Development through Partnership (pdf)

This is a partnership check-list. It is a tool developed to support our member organizations and their Southern partners, providing concrete ideas to strengthen the North-South dialogue, to establish effective cooperation and to build true partnerships. It is based on Finnish and Southern NGOs’ experiences and views collected from Finland, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia.

The EnviroMeter (pdf)

The EnviroMeter is a tool we developed together with 40 organizations for NGOs to measure their level of environmental friendliness. The aim is to provide our Finnish member organizations and their Southern partners with concrete ideas on how to take environmental issues into account in all their activities, both at the office and outside the office. The EnviroMeter is based on Finnish and Southern NGOs’ experiences and views, obtained mainly in Finland, Nicaragua, Tanzania and Zambia.

Climate Sensor – A Tool for Climate Sensitive Planning (pdf)

The Climate Sensor is a tool for NGOs to take into account the effects of climate change in their project work in the south. At first it may be difficult to see the connections between the direct and indirect impacts of climate change and your own project, especially if you don’t have an expert of climate change issues working with you.

Finnish and Russian Civil Society Actors Working Towards Common Global Goals – In search of sustainable practices of collaboration (pdf)

This book wishes to pave the way for new cooperation between Russian and European NGOs, based on common values and new ideas for reaching sustainable development in our societies.