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Make use of Fingo’s free advice and tips on key themes relating to CSO work.

Our advisers will be happy to help you when you are planning a project, assessing its outcomes or looking for new cooperation partners. We are your source of advice about development cooperation, global education, development communication as well as funding.  

When you need help, book an advice appointment by email or phone. Discussions with our advisers are always confidential.

Development cooperation advice  

Our development cooperation advice is aimed particularly at CSO representatives who seek sparring to improve the quality of the planning, implementation and monitoring of their work. Individual persons and groups interested in launching development cooperation can also contact us. Whichever the phase of your practical project work, contact us at  

Global education and communication advice  

Actors implementing CSO global education and development communication can receive support from our advisers for the planning, implementation and monitoring of their work. Advice is offered particularly for CSOs receiving support from the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs for communication and global education projects, but we are also happy to advise you in more general issues relating to global education, development communication and campaigning. Contact us by email at Book a free advice session

Book a free advice session

  • Helena Nevalainen

    I support CSOs in matters related to development projects (planning, monitoring, evaluation). I enjoy the diversity of my work. Together we can think of solutions to challenging situations or rejoice in small successes. I believe that the strengthening of civil society will lead to a fairer world.