Illustration of Kenya's map
Image: Bgblue /iSock

Report: NGO-Private Sector Collaboration in Kenya

Partnerships and collaboration between NGOs and the private sector in Kenya continue to grow. There is an increasing emphasis on joint activities that are of strategic value to both partners. Combining experiences and pool of resources, among others, allow NGOs and the private sector to mitigate challenges and provide more remarkable success.  

The NGO-Private Sector Collaboration in Kenya -report looks at the current nature of engagement between NGOs and private sector actors in Kenya and analyzes companies and startups working with NGOs in Kenya. Through the study, we will understand facilitating factors and operational pre-conditions that guide the engagement between NGOs and the private sector. The role of technology and innovation in the partnerships will come to light, successes and failures demonstrated. Finally, we will share several recommendations based on our learnings and provide an assessment framework that can be used for private sector-NGOs engagement.