People standing up and stretching.
Photo: Markus Sommers.


Most of our training provision is in Finnish, but there are also a few training sessions available in English every year. For listings of upcoming training in English, see our Training Calendar, and to sign up, use the registration form.

Fingo training will increase your skills for building a fairer and more sustainable world. Our training is designed for CSO professionals and volunteers.

Fingo provides training that is high in quality and inspiring and that meets the needs of small and large CSOs alike. Our training themes include development cooperation, global education, advocacy, communication and enterprise cooperation.

The trainers are experts in the relevant theme, and the contents are designed to meet CSO needs in particular. In most cases, the training venue is the Fingo office in Helsinki.

Fingo training methods are practical and participatory. Being useful for the participants’ practical work and activities is the starting point for our training and also a measure of success applied by us. We learn by doing group assignments and exercises and by sharing experiences, knowledge and skills with each other. Our training also offers an excellent opportunity for networking with other CSOs.  

Many of our training sessions are also accessible online. The online participation option is specified separately in the training listings. Fingo also produces webinars on topics such as project work.