Photo: Dominic Chavez / World Bank

Development policy

We live in a world of extreme and continuously growing inequality where millions of people are deprived of the conditions for a life of dignity. Political decisions made in Finland and in the EU have significant impacts on global poverty and inequality. Fingo demands that decision-makers pursue a coherent and long-term development policy.

What are our demands?

Finland and the EU must assume their global responsibility and target sufficient financing for development cooperation.

Finland cannot claim it is a country that assumes global responsibility and advocates the realisation of human rights if it fails to take relevant action. Finland must abide by its commitment and increase its Official Development Assistance (ODA) to 0.7% of gross national income (GNI).

Financing for development cooperation must help the poorest and most disadvantaged.

In line with its international commitments, Finland must allocate at least 0.2% of its GNI to least developed countries (LDSs). It must also ensure that the financing reaches the most vulnerable people.

Reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development must be kept as the clear goal of development policy.  

Development policy is part of foreign and security policy, but development policy objectives must be based on the needs of developing countries. We demand that poverty reduction and sustainable development promotion in developing countries, always with due regard for human rights, be kept firmly at the core of Finnish and EU development policy.

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