Photo: Sami Kulju

Our activities

We are the voice of around 260 development CSOs for a fairer world. We believe that each of us can influence the future today. That is why we are looking for solutions together. We – around 260 Finnish CSOs – together are Fingo. Some of us are small, some of us are big, and we work on a very wide range of issues in the arena of development cooperation, global citizenship education and sustainable development. But we all share the same dream: we want to make the world a more just and fairer place – for everyone.

Bringing together our Member Organisations and creating opportunities for cooperation

We share our competences, learn from each other, innovate new solutions together and create partnerships. We monitor and defend the space of civil society in Finland and around the world together with international networks. Our aim is a strong, polyphonic, open, active and free civil society with solid operating capacities. We plan and implement important campaigns and statements together with our Member Organisations.

Strengthening Member Organisations’ capacities to operate in a changing world

We strengthen our Member Organisations’ competences to operate amid continuous change through training, working groups and learning materials arising from CSO needs. We also provide meeting facilities and organise events where CSOs can present their effective work. We explore suitable financing opportunities for CSOs and provide Member Organisations with advice in project quality development. We monitor the CSO financing situation, safeguard the interests of our Member Organisations and strengthen CSO opportunities to participate and influence development policy debate.

Influencing political decisions for the reduction of inequalities and realisation of human rights

We promote global justice and sustainable development by influencing political decision-making in Finland, in the EU and at the international level. We conduct sustained advocacy on development policy and financing and defend the space of civil society. We campaign, meet decision-makers and publish statements so that the impacts of decisions on the world’s poorest will be taken into account in policy. We believe that the right decisions can solve the great development challenges of our time from climate change to inequality and poverty.  

Communicating in a powerful manner about the work of CSOs around the world and inspiring debate about global topics

Information that is reliable and takes different perspectives into account is needed to support decision-making and choices. Our communication seeks to inspire and engage people in Finland to take action for a more just world. We organise the annual World Village Festival, which addresses global issues and gathers hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of festivalgoers for a joyful event with discussions on current topics, documentaries, culture and good food. We also produce the award-winning Maailman Kuvalehti magazine, which provides deeper insights beyond the daily news flow as well as interesting and inspiring coverage of people and phenomena around the world.

We promote global citizenship education in a variety of projects.