Whistleblowing channel for reporting abuses

At Fingo, it is essential for us to ensure that all our activities are responsible, transparent and implemented in compliance with the valid legislation and Fingo’s guidelines and operational principles. We want to know of any suspected abuses or unethical activities related to our work, so that we have the possibility to correct the situation, prevent similar situations and strengthen the transparency of our activities. We encourage our co-operative partners, employees and other stakeholders to express any suspicions that arise concerning our activities.

Our whistleblowing channel enables the confidential reporting of suspected abuses, breaches of our operational principles or unethical activities.

On the EU level, the matter is regulated by the Whistleblower Directive, which relates to the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law. The national enforcement of the Directive is currently being prepared. The purpose is to ensure the possibility for any person who observes or suspects abuses or unethical activities to report the matter safely.  

What can be reported?

The channel is intended for the reporting of suspected or observed abuses and unethical activities. These include, for example, breaches of law, regulations or Fingo’s guidelines or operational principles, the unethical activities of an employee, or matters related to bribing and corruption.

The channel is not intended for handling differences of opinion concerning operational activities.

For any such matters, please directly contact the Fingo personnel responsible for the matter in question or send feedback using the general feedback form (in Finnish).

We encourage personnel with issues concerning employment relationships or the work process to first discuss their observations or suspicions with a supervisor, HR department, occupational health and safety contact or other representative of the personnel.

Anyone can submit a report and it can be submitted in Finnish or English. Whistleblowers must be assured of the truthfulness of the facts they present in their report, but do not need to be able to prove that their suspicions are true. A report should only be made in good faith.

Report processing

All reports are processed in strict confidence, and the information therein is protected in compliance with the relevant legislation concerning data protection. The reports are only processed by designated Fingo personnel who are bound by professional confidentiality.

Reports can also be made anonymously, whereby all communications with the whistleblower will take place through the service. Fingo’s Whistleblowing channel is realised and managed by an external service provider and the channel does not save any data that might identify the whistleblower.

Submit a report concerning suspected abuses

Privacy policy statement for Fingo’s Whistleblowing channel