Fingo Powerbank organizes events and training for development NGOs about innovations, technology solutions and private sector collaboration.

NGO Experiments (Community-Driven Innovations) – Peer Learning Webinar 3

How might we improve community health conditions through disease prevention, treatment and by addressing knowledge gap so that the burden of Podoconiosis in community is reduced? How might we create a learning environment where teachers, children, parents and community leaders join to support every child to achieve required standards in essential subjects by the end of their Junior School education?

Welcome to learn about NGO experiments focusing on these topics! FILANTROPIA – Orthodox Church Aid Missions and Malawin Lasten Ja Nuorten Avuksi ry will present their learnings on experiments conducted as part of Fingo Powerbank.

The event aims to share information, learnings, and experiences about the NGO experiments. Please share the invitation also with your partners all around the world. 

Date and time: Tuesday 13th of December 2022 at 14-15:30 (Helsinki time) / 15-16:30 (East African time).

Location: Online

Language: English

Price: Free

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