We answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Fingo’s activities and development cooperation.

What is Fingo?

Fingo is the umbrella organisation of almost 300 Finnish civil society organisations (CSOs) engaged in development cooperation, sustainable development and global citizenship education and an expert in global development. Fingo and its Member Organisations promote sustainable development and global justice and work to make life fairer – everywhere. 

Fingo was created through the merger of two umbrella organisations of development CSOs, Kepa and Kehys, in autumn 2018.

Why was Fingo established?

The two Finnish umbrella organisations for development CSOs – the Finnish NGO Platform, Kepa, and the Finnish NGDO Platform to the European Union, Kehys – founded Fingo in 2018 to increase the effectiveness and impact of their activities in a changing operating environment. We are best able to serve our Member Organisations and influence decision-making in a joint umbrella organisation that operates in Finland, in the EU as well as internationally. All of our services for Member Organisations are also now available in a centralised and broader manner.

What does Fingo do?

Fingo promotes globally just sustainable development by influencing policies, supporting civil society and providing citizens with information.

•  We bring together our Member Organisations and create opportunities for cooperation with various actors.

• We strengthen Member Organisations’ capacities to operate in a changing world.

• We advocate to reduce inequalities and promote human rights.

• We communicate about global development issues and the work of development CSOs.

To read more about Fingo’s work, visit the Our activities page.

Who are the Fingo Member Organisations?

Fingo has around 280 Member Organisations that work on development issues or in global education. To read more about our Member Organisations, visit the Member Organisations (in Finnish) page.

How can I support your activities?

You can support our activities by, for example, subscribing to the Maailman Kuvalehti magazine or becoming a member.

I have some useful items that I do not need any more. Can I donate them to poor people in developing countries?

Fingo does not act as an intermediary in delivering donated items to developing countries. Very often the costs arising from shipping, customs, taxes and storage of donated items exceed the value of the items.

This is why it is a better idea to donate money rather than items to projects that you want to support. That way your donation can be used to buy those specific items or services that are needed the most in the target country. Many Fingo Member Organisations receive money donations.

Can I apply to Fingo for support for my development cooperation project?

Fingo does not finance Finnish CSOs’ development cooperation projects. Such projects are financed by the Unit for Civil Society of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Fingo provides training and advice that helps to draw up applications for project support.

Can a private person become a Fingo member?

A private person cannot become a regular member of Fingo. Only associations and foundations can be accepted as regular members. However, as a private person you can become a contributing member of Fingo. The majority of Fingo Member Organisations are also happy to accept private persons as members. To read more about our Member Organisations, visit the Member Organisations page.

From where does Fingo get the money for its activities?

Fingo’s activities are supported by public funds from the CSO appropriations of the Unit for Civil Society of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Fingo also has some self-financing.

Does Fingo favour some political parties? Fingo is an ideologically, politically and religiously non-aligned organisation with its members comprising people with very diverse backgrounds, including politically.