Yellow Fingon stickers.
Photo: Mika Niskanen.

Membership dues

Fingo membership dues come under six categories depending on the Member Organisation’s budget. The key performance indicator used is the organisation’s total income. Based on the financial statements, this figure includes all income, that is, ordinary operations, fundraising, investments, public support and other income.

If an organisation is accepted as a Member Organisation after the Fingo Autumn Meeting, it will not need to pay the membership dues for that year. According to the Fingo By-Laws, a Member Organisation is regarded as having resigned if it has failed to pay its membership dues for two consecutive years.

Membership dues for 2024

1) Total income below €50,000: €55
2) Total income €50,000–150,000: €90
3) Total income €150,001–1,000,000: €150
4) Total income €1,000,001–3,000,000: €300
5) Total income €3,000,001–5,000,000: €600
6) Total income more than €5,000,000: €1,200

Contributing member’s membership dues

Contributing member’s membership dues are €300 a year.