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Prices and terms and conditions

You will find the participation fee for each training in the Fingo Training Calendar. The invoice will be sent after the training to the invoicing address provided by the participant.


Training participation fees are tiered, with the lowest prices available for Fingo Member Organisations. In some cases, training fees may differ from the prices given here.

  • The participation fee for a single-day training session is €30 for Fingo Member Organisations, €60 for other CSOs and €120 for other participants.
  • The fee for a two-day training session is €60 for Fingo Member Organisations, €120 for other CSOs and €240 for other participants.
  • Half-day training costs €20 for Fingo Member Organisations, €40 for other CSOs and €80 for other participants.
  • Some of our brief training sessions are free of charge.


To register for training, use our online registration form. Make sure you fill in a separate form for each training and for each participant. If the online form does not work, please contact
Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an automated acknowledgment of receipt of registration. Please note that this does not yet mean you have secured a place in the training. We will contact you when your participation has been accepted. After that, your registration is binding.
Please note that only participants accepted in advance may take part in our training. Any changes (such as a different person from your organisation participating in the training) must be agreed on in advance with the training provider. To do this, email

Cancellations and no-shows

If you need to cancel your participation in training, email at least three business days before the start date of the training. We will charge the full training fee for any no-shows. We will not provide the training material to those who have cancelled their participation.

Reimbursement for travel costs

Fingo will reimburse for the travel costs of organisation representatives participating in Fingo training as follows: For a maximum of three representatives of an individual organisation, travel within the Finnish borders between their municipality of residence and the municipality of the training location using the cheapest mode of public transport (bus or train). The participant’s own contribution at €17 will be deducted from the travel expenses reimbursed.

  • The reimbursement will be made after the training once the participant has provided us with the travel expenses form, including enclosed original travel tickets. The travel expenses will be paid once the training participation fee has been paid to Fingo.
  • The reimbursement applies to one return journey per training, regardless of the length of the training. We will not cover the costs of any journeys within the city. If the point of departure or the destination of the journey is other than the participant’s municipality of residence, the reimbursement will only be paid for the journey back home.
  • Costs arising from the use of a participant’s own car will only be reimbursed in exceptional cases for justifiable reasons. This must be agreed on in advance with the training provider ( If we agree to reimburse for a car journey, the amount will equal the cost of a corresponding journey made using the cheapest mode of public transport. In such cases, the details of the price of a corresponding journey on public transport must be provided with the travel expenses form.
  • Taxi journeys will only be accepted if taxi is the only available transport for a specific, reasonably short journey. As a general rule, we will not reimburse for any air travel.

If necessary, we will relax these rules for persons with limited mobility.


A participation certificate is available for training that is subject to a fee and that lasts at least one day. To receive the certificate, the participant must have completed at least 3/4 of the training.