Two people sitting around a table.
Photo: Markus Sommers.


Fingo offers a wide range of services. We organize trainings and on our website you will find materials for both learning and teaching. We offer free advice and tips on the most important issues of CSOs work. Our member organizations can use our meeting rooms for free.

In CSOs’ networks you get to engage in inspiring collaboration, peer learning and dialogue on topics such as sustainable economy, development and global citizenship education.

In discussions and events we bring together actors and experts from different fields around tricky global problems and creative solutions. Check out Fingo’s upcoming events and sign up to discuss the shift toward a more sustainable future and the realization of human rights.

We support CSOs in planning and implementing business cooperation. Cooperation between companies and CSOs encourages new ways of thinking and innovative solutions. Our Fingo Powerbank project supports development NGOs in innovation, technology solutions and private sector collaboration.