Fingo's AGM audience shot from behind.
Photo: Markus Sommers.

Fingo General Meetings

Fingo Member Organisations exercise supreme decision-making power by assembling at the ordinary General Meeting twice a year.

Member Organisations have the right to submit proposals to Fingo General Meetings. Proposals intended for the Spring Meeting must be sent to the Executive Committee by the end of March and proposals intended for the Autumn Meeting by the end of September.

Elections of the Executive Committee take place at two-year intervals at the Autumn Meeting. Elections are prepared by the Election Committee, which is tasked with presenting its justified proposals for the persons to be elected as the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and other members of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee meetings

Fingo’s activities are directed by the Executive Committee, which consists of representatives of Member Organisations.

The duties of the Fingo Executive Committee include deciding upon policies and strategic guidelines related to Fingo’s programme and administration and bearing responsibility for Fingo’s activities and finances.