A big group of people posing with campaign banners.
Photo: Mika Niskanen.


Our advocacy focus is on reducing inequalities and promoting human rights. Our ultimate goal is a just and sustainable word – for everyone.

Our work is guided by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the leave no one behind (LNOB) principle. The right of civil society actors to participate and to be heard is also at the core of our advocacy work. 

We influence political decision-making at the national, EU and international levels and seek new solutions for the reduction of inequality and for the promotion of human rights in developing countries.  

How we pursue our goal

  1. We gather information based on research and continuous analysis of the operating environment concerning key advocacy themes and disseminate this information to public officials and political decision-makers to support their decisions.  
  2. We identify global phenomena that play a role in inequality and the realisation of human rights and influence political processes to create change.   
  3. We build the general as well as theme-specific competences of development CSOs.  
  4. We activate civil society actors, especially development CSOs, to take part in societal debate and political influence.   
  5. We defend the global space of civil society and give a voice for developing countries.  
  6. We engage in active public relations, that is, building good relations with the authorities and decision-makers across political party boundaries and invite political decision-makers, the authorities and opinion leaders to a dialogue with civil society actors. 

Advocacy tools

We use multiple tools in advocacy work, as change can be created by different actors in different situations.

Building relations and lobbying political decision-makers is a key advocacy tool but rarely enough on its own. Important advocacy support is also gained through awareness of members of the general public about global challenges and their potential solutions as well as through willingness to promote a fairer world.

As an umbrella organisation, Fingo seeks to actively involve its Member Organisations and the broader development CSO field in advocacy work, as cooperation is a great driver for change.

In addition to public relations and lobbying, our advocacy includes campaigns, opinions and statements. We also participate actively in national and international advocacy working groups.