Markets of Possibilities balloons at an event.

Markets of Possibilities

Coordinated by Fingo, the Markets of Possibilities bring together CSOs, volunteers, performers and active citizens. Join in to put together your local Market of Possibilities!

The Markets of Possibilities inspire people all over Finland to take action for a fairer world, to participate in CSO work and to get to know the local diversity of cultures. The Markets are free events open to all and organised annually in around 10-15 locations across Finland.

The Markets of Possibilities address global themes relevant to us all: climate change, refugees, human rights, environmental issues, cultural diversity and communality. The Markets can help everyone to find their way of taking action for a fairer and more sustainable world. 

The first Market of Possibilities was organised in the 1980s by activists in Vaasa, western Finland. Today, local CSOs and volunteers are still involved in the planning and implementation of the Markets of Possibilities. Fingo will provide you with help, support and tips for putting together a successful Market. Contact the Fingo advisor if you are interested in the Markets. As a Market organiser, you will gain access to the Markets of Possibilities network where you will get training and peer support in organising the event. The Markets of Possibilities is a registered trademark.

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Markets of Possibilities are organised annually in around 10-15 locations around Finland. For more details about the locations and dates, visit our Finnish pages.

If you are interested in organising a Market, contact Jaana Viirimäki ( at Fingo.