International cooperation

We cooperate with other actors in our sector in several international networks. Networks help us to learn from each other and have more effective influence on political decision-making.


CIVICUS is a global alliance of CSOs and activists dedicated to strengthening civil society and citizen action throughout the world. To read more, visit the CIVICUS website.


Fingo coordinates the activities of the European Confederation of Relief and Development NGOs (CONCORD) in Finland and participates actively in its activities in the EU. CONCORD is a member-led network that supports European organisations and coordinates advocacy concerning EU development policy. To read more, visit the CONCORD website.


The European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad) specialises in themes including tax justice, climate finance, debt and the international financial system. To read more, visit the Eurodad website.


Forus is a global network of National NGO Platforms and Regional Coalitions focusing on development, peace, democracy, sustainability and justice. It supports the work of participating organisations and helps them to influence decision-making. To read more, visit the Forus website.

SDG Watch Europe

SDG Watch Europe is an EU-level network for joint advocacy of CSOs from various sectors to make the UN 2030 Agenda a reality. To read more, visit the SDG Watch Europe website.

Climate Action Network Europe (CAN-E)

The leading European CSO climate and energy action network, Climate Action Network Europe (CAN-E) fights dangerous climate change and promotes a sustainable energy and climate policy in the EU. To read more, visit the CAN-E website.

Bridge 47

Bridge 47 is an international network that promotes transformative education and global citizenship education. To read more, visit the Bridge 47 website.

Ambitious Africa

Ambitious Africa is an East African student-led network that supports start-up initiatives to support education, training, entrepreneurship and the entertainment industry. To read more, visit the Ambitious Africa website.

Sahara Ventures

Sahara Ventures is a Tanzanian consultancy that aims to create a network for enterprises working on sustainable innovations and technology solutions. To read more, visit the Sahara Ventures website.

Scanning the Horizon

Scanning the Horizon is an international network of experts that supports collaborative trend analysis.