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Services for members

We support our member organisations through a range of services, including meeting rooms, training courses, learning materials and expert advice.

Training courses

Fingo’s training courses allow you to develop necessary skills for building a more just and sustainable world. Topics range from development cooperation to global citizenship education, policy advocacy, communications and private sector partnerships.

Fingo’s members can participate in trainings with reduced prices. Read more about the terms and conditions and check out our upcoming courses.

Expert advice

Fingo’s seasoned experts can help you plan projects, evaluate outcomes and find new partners. We provide free advice on development cooperation, global citizenship education, development communications and funding.

You can book a free consulting session by emailing for development projects or for projects in communications and global citizenship education.

World Village Festival

Fingo’s members will be accepted to the World Village Festival automatically and will pay reduced prices for exhibitor spaces.

In order to participate in the World Village Festival as a member organisation of Fingo, the applicant must have been accepted as member by the end of the previous year.

Meeting rooms

We provide meeting rooms for our member organisations free of charge at our offices in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. All Fingo members can use the rooms to organise meetings, training sessions and small seminars from 4pm to 9pm on weekdays and 9am to 9pm during weekends and public holidays. Check out our different meeting rooms.

You can book a meeting room by using the reservation form. Please read the user guidelines prior to arriving. You must pick up the key in advance. It is important to get your key in good time, especially if your booking is for a weekend, a public holiday or July.

Advocacy work and safeguarding

Our member organisations are widely united by the goal of strengthening civil society. Advocating for the interests of our members is thus part of strengthening and safeguarding the operating conditions of civil society. In practice, this means that Fingo’s advocacy work creates space for NGO actors to operate in the fields of development cooperation and sustainable development. We maintain connections with decision-makers, officials, and funders, participate in processes guiding NGOs, and strive to ensure that organizations have good conditions to actively work for a fairer world.

Fingo Powerbank

Fingo Powerbank supports development NGOs in three areas: innovations, technology solutions and private sector collaboration.  

Working groups and networks

Fingo’s working groups and networks offer our members and active citizens an opportunity for exciting collaboration and dialogue. The working groups operate mainly in Finnish.

Events with our members

We are happy to organize events with our members. If you have an idea for a development-themed event or activity that would be interesting to a wider audience, please get in touch! You have Fingo’s extensive communication channels, meeting facilities, facilitation expertise, and knowledge at your disposal. Send your idea to

Networking and peer support

Networking among organisations and with other actors is one of Fingo’s core tasks. We organise events on various themes, and one goal is always to connect members with different backgrounds. Peer support among organisations is also invaluable. As a member of Fingo, you become part of a large network of organisations, which offers a wealth of expertise in areas such as development cooperation, global education, and development policy advocacy. Learning together, sharing, and providing support are becoming increasingly important in a world that is constantly becoming more uncertain.

Support for Global Citizenship Education

Global education increases the understanding of citizens of all ages about how each of us is connected to global phenomena and can promote global justice through our own actions. These activities aim to achieve societal change and influence societal structures that perpetuate and deepen global inequality.

Fingo coordinates a broad network of global education organisations, engages in advocacy work, monitors research in the field, and seeks collaboration with as many stakeholders as possible to increase impact. Learn more and get involved at:

Support for private sector collaboration

The private sector plays a significant role in shaping global development, and therefore it is important to include businesses in our efforts to promote sustainable development and global justice. Fingo helps NGOs and businesses create new partnerships with each other and take advantage of new opportunities to reduce poverty and inequality. Attend our training courses on private sector collaboration or book a consulting session at to find out more.


We provide comprehensive information about development issues, current news, and highlight the work and results of NGOs., our newsletters, and our social media channels offer new and timely content, especially on topics of interest to Fingo member organizations.

Through our email lists, members can also inform a wide audience about their organizations’ events, send requests for comments, or address any other issues relevant to the entire NGO sector.

Every month, our member organizations receive a newsletter highlighting the most important events and news.

Fingo’s members-only Facebook group serves as an open communication and discussion channel for all member organisations.

Maailman Kuvalehti

We also publish Maailman Kuvalehti, which tells stories from around the world, provides background and depth to the news flow. The magazine also showcases the work of Fingo member organisations.

If desired, a member organization can order one copy of Maailman Kuvalehti free of charge. The order should be sent to: The message must mention the name of the member organization and specify that it is a free member benefit.

Other services


DevelopmentAid is an information service provider for international development aid and economic and humanitarian assistance stakeholders. Their mission is to provide up-to-date and relevant information for organisations and individuals working in the international development sector. DevelopmentAid’s tools will help NGOs find and form partnerships for international and domestic projects. 

As members of Fingo, the NGOs will be given the possibility to use DevelopmentAid’s services free of charge, until May 2024.


Fingo has negotiated a special offer for its members with Ravintolakolmio. Ravintolakolmio provides a diverse and comprehensive selection of venues for various meetings, conferences, and events. Fingo member organizations receive a 10% discount in restaurants owned by Ravintolakolmio.