A group of NGO activists on the steps of the Finnish Parliament.


Fingo Member Organisations (MOs) are building a fairer world by carrying out development cooperation and global education and by influencing decision-makers in Finland and the EU.

Fingo is a cooperation organisation for about 260 MOs. These include many types of societal actors, such as CSOs, foundations, trade unions and educational institutions.

  • In all 70% of the MOs have projects in developing countries. Global education is carried out by 50% and advocacy work by 55%.
  • Some MOs are large and others very small. Around half of our MOs are small organisations with fewer than a hundred members. Around 10% have more than 25,000 members.
  • There are MOs operating across Finland. The majority are based in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, but almost 30% operate outside the capital region.
  • Our MOs include long-serving organisations that are more than 100 years old as well as brand new actors.
  • Fingo MOs operate globally in more than 100 countries.

Fingo brings MOs together, creates networks between them and helps them to learn from each other. MOs get to meet each other at Fingo training and other events as well as in the joint campaigns context. Together we are stronger!