Image by: Photo: Carlos Castilla Jimenez, iStockphoto

Report: Digital Readiness of Tanzanian NGOs Working for Disability Inclusion

This assessment study profiles the digital readiness of Tanzanian Local NGOs working with People Living with Disabilities (PLWDs).

The vital role played by these organizations in improving the quality of lives of PLWDs and their inclusiveness in the digital innovation space is what called for this study. Based on the four pillars of digital readiness developed by the Pathway Commissioner, the study looked at how NGOs working with PLWDs use digital technology including various infrastructure and tools that enable digital technology to flow.

The study also assessed how ready are the workforce in these organizations to take up and drive digital technology, particularly their level of education, digital literacy which provides skills necessary to effectively use digital technology in their day-to-day operations and service delivery to their beneficiaries. Financing digital technology and regulating its usage through policies was also assessed amongst NGOs working with PLWDs.

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