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  • Continue reading Africa118


    Africa118 offers solutions for both consumers and businesses to support them on digitalization and growing their online presence. With partnerships with Google and various NGOs, Africa118 has supported over 500 000 SMEs and trained over 1 000 000 youth in Digital Skills in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the focus being in East Africa. Collaboration with NGOs could be a) increase support to more SMEs or b) digitalization of industries (hotels, tour and travel, exporters).

  • Continue reading African Solution

    African Solution

    African Solution was founded in 2011, with the motto “Waste is a Resource’’. The enterprise works in environmental protection and recycling through the (5R) system. Their Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) provides training and employment. The company is seeking funding donors with the provision of a longer-term partnership that provides mutual interest towards their desired goals in Somalia.

    Contact: Abdi Hersi Ali

  • Continue reading AFRIpads Limited

    AFRIpads Limited

    AFRIpads is the largest manufacturer of reusable sanitary pads in Africa and operates a quality-certified factory in Uganda. We have offices in Kampala, Nairobi and Harare and sell and distribute our products all over the continent and in the Middle East. We are a social enterprise, employing over 80 women in rural Uganda and providing free training on Menstrual Health Management and our products to all our customers, which include several of the international humanitarian NGO’s. AFRIpads seeks to join FINGO to connect with organizations with shared values in reducing menstrual inequality to join hands in making the products and training as easily accessible as possible especially in the developing world. AFRIpads has a wealth of experience of over 13 years’ experience in the menstrual hygiene sector and can supply quality reusable sanitary pads and underwear to organizations that require them for beneficiaries. We can also support with menstrual hygiene program development and training in menstrual health management.

    Contact: Daniel Mugenga


  • Continue reading Aion Sigma

    Aion Sigma

    Aion Sigma offers smart loans across Zambia, Nigeria and Kenya to provide entrepreneurs access to smartphones and develop their day-to-day business. The company has a good understanding of the development environment.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading AirImpact


    AirImpact develops solutions that enable transparent value transfer, be it donations, mobile airtime, digital money or digital coupons. They connect people and organizations with financial means to those who can create an impact within their local communities. The company has previous experience of working with NGOs and is interested to operate in all of Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.


  • Continue reading Arkki International

    Arkki International

    Arkki International has a long history in creativity training utilizing architecture and design projects as holistic, real-world phenomena providing learning experiences. In 2019 Arkki won the UNICEF CFCI Inspiration Award. Collaboration could include educational cooperation and creating a concept for local settings in the global south.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading BeSingularity


    BeSingularity provides a one-stop sales solution for businesses in Ethiopia and employment opportunities for job seekers. Recruits get a five-day training on basic sales guidelines and businesses can hire from the pool or business can request a sales outsource service. We are looking for a partnership that helps us with strategic growth, technical expertise, or financial support from any group working on impact and decent work in East Africa.


  • Continue reading Biashara Africa

    Biashara Africa

    Biashara Africa is an e-commerce platform that empowers African small businesses and entrepreneurs to create sustainable livelihoods and employment opportunities. They have interests in African countries and other emerging markets.


  • Continue reading Bidhaa Sasa

    Bidhaa Sasa

    Bidhaa Sasa provides rural women with a range of products to upgrade their quality of life, saving them both time and money while also empowering them socially and economically. Currently, the company concentrates on solving women’s cooking needs, offering a range of cutting-edge appliances, as well as aiding in food and water security by providing farm equipment to reduce grain waste and facilitate water collection.

    Contact: Rocio Perez-Ochoa

  • Continue reading Biogas International Ltd

    Biogas International Ltd

    Biogas International Ltd – BIL is a renewable energy company that prides itself on the development of a new Anaerobi Digester branded Flexi Biogas Solution. A key advantage over other AD systems is that Flexi will run on any biodegradable materials including dungs, kitchen & municipal waste, invasive weeds and agro-processing waste. Flexi systems are prefabricated, modular and saleable as a project demands. Flexi systems are super-efficient producing huge volumes of biogas.

    Contact: Dominic Kahumbu

  • Continue reading Block Solutions

    Block Solutions

    Block Solutions Oy is a Finland-based company that has developed environmentally friendly block-modules. The block-modules are used to build sustainable and safe homes for people worldwide, thus fostering local well-being. The company is currently operating in Africa, but they are also interested in working elsewhere around the world.

    Size: Small
    Contact: Get in touch with Markus Silfverberg, founder of Block Solutions, via LinkedIn.

  • Continue reading BT-Way Oy

    BT-Way Oy

    We help organizations to move to the digital age to get donations by combining different mobile payment services. We help also people who want to donate to make safe, easy and fast mobile donations respecting privacy. We are interested to work in a wide variety of countries in South America, Africa and Asia.

    Contact: Risto Kontturi,

  • Continue reading Cafetoria Roastery

    Cafetoria Roastery

    Cafetoria Roastery is an independent coffee roastery. The company seeks to support the farmers and says to aim at creating a more sustainable world. Potential collaboration could concentrate on coffee sourcing.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Claned


    Claned is the most awarded online learning platform from Finland. Delivering engaging and effective online learning to more than 250 customers in over 40 countries, including UNEP, Santander Universities, Cavendish University Uganda/Zambia, and CAP Youth Empowerment Institute Kenya. Claned provides an easy to use and easy to set up learning platform, that supports learning and prevents dropout with a 97% completion rate, and a 97.1 positive learning experience.

    Contact: Mariam Shodeinde,
    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Compulynx


    Compulynx focuses on system integration and is a provider of software and hardware solutions, specializing in retail management, biometric and digital identity. The company promises that their solutions help to increase the efficiency and quality of processes, resulting in improved customer experience coupled with enhanced security and reduced risk. The company’s biometric solution is called COMPAS. The company says that the solution supports e.g. identification and authentication, class attendance and vaccine disbursement and management – among other things.

    Contact persons: &

  • Continue reading Dash Coffee

    Dash Coffee

    Dash Coffee is an importer and roaster of women grown coffee which we supply to offices and consumers. Our mission is to economically empower women in developing countries. We are open to co-branding on packaging and fundraising campaigns that create contributions to NGOs that share our values. We offer high quality coffee that can be sold ethically with a guaranteed social impact. Packages of coffee could be co-branded and sold as donation drives with a product backing it.

    Contact: Matthew Kern

  • Continue reading Durat


    Durat focuses on durable products made from recycled plastic for kitchens, washrooms and other public environments. Collaboration with NGOs could potentially include co-designing and the launch of local production.

    Size: Medium

  • Continue reading Eco-Glass Innovations

    Eco-Glass Innovations

    EGI “Preserving Tomorrow, Today” involves the transformation of glass waste into sustainable products, creating opportunities for a cleaner and greener future. We are looking for funding to enable us to be effective in reducing glass waste into sustainable products and saving the environment. We offer our Relentless Commitment to our community.

    Contact: Peter Kinyua


  • Continue reading Econet


    Econet provides services in water and environmental technologies worldwide – for instance, water purification systems. NGOs could use Econet’s products or co-create new ones for water and sanitation projects. The company is especially interested in working in Southeast Asia and North Africa.

    Contact: Taina Dammert,
    Size: Medium

  • Continue reading Ekorent


    Ekorent is a fully electric ride service in East Africa that also has its own application. An ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to Uber, which provides higher income to the drivers. Potential collaboration could include, for instance, driving training for locals to boost employment.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading ESKO Finland Oy

    ESKO Finland Oy

    ESKO is an engineering company that produces e.g. wheelbarrows, concrete mixers and carts. The production would be easily replicated in different areas and the company could be a suitable partner to develop solutions in the global south. Further, the company could potentially provide training.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Fanfaria Trading Company Oy

    Fanfaria Trading Company Oy

    Fanfaria Trading Company focuses on import, export, wholesale and sales management of grocery, snack and food supplements. The company also imports dried fruits from the global south. The collaboration could focus on improving the company’s supply chains and possibly local employment.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Farmcomp


    Farmcomp has specialized in agricultural electronics. They have multiple products for agriculture: fencing systems and hygrometers, among others. The collaboration could be, for instance, implementing an agriculture project together in the global south.

    Size: Medium

  • Continue reading FinnMedPro


    FinnMedPro is a health service company whose owners are from Somalia. The collaboration could include health trainings in Somalia.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Finnzuri


    Finnzuri, focusing in media, communications and entertainment, is developing cooperation between East-Africa and Finland. The company is looking for grass-root level business development partners with ambition and has over ten years of experience working in the development field at East-Africa (especially Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda) scaling now to business.

    Contact: Markku Liukkonen,
    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Funzi


    Funzi is an award-winning mobile learning service from Finland. They partner with global industry leaders like Pearson and Facebook, NGOs and other organizations, to deliver high-quality learning for millions of people around the world.

    Funzi’s learning service uses a combination of effective pedagogy and an engaging learning experience. They use the power of mobile to give everyone low-cost access to develop skills needed for better livelihood and happy and healthy lives. Courses on focus on personal development, career building, and sustainable development and include both Premium Pearson courses and free courses.

    Contact: Tomi Saalasti, or
    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Futurice


    Futurice, a company known for its unique culture, is specialized in the design of service processes, modern customized digital solutions and getting value out of data. Futurice has experience in designing and building awarded global level services, both physical and digital. Futuriceans seek to make an impact and are eager to work with NGOs.

    Size: Medium

  • Continue reading Fuzu


    Fuzu is a platform containing a large selection of open jobs, skills training, insights into the East African job market and tailored career advice. It operates in Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda. The cooperation could e.g. include training to boost employment.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Goodio


    Goodio produces vegan craft chocolate in Helsinki. The company currently collaborates with a Kenyan NGO that helps fund programs for women and special needs children. Goodio also purchases cacao beans directly from farmers in Peru to support the local economy and to ensure transparency along with the sustainability.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading GraphoGame


    GraphoGame is a personalized and captivating phonics tool that helps children learn and train letters, letter-sounds and blending. The game is based on an academically studied methodology and has been developed by linguists, neuropsychologists and speech pathologists to help children, including struggling readers, train their first and most fundamental skills in literacy. GraphoGame has been localized into multiple languages including English (British & American), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Bahasa Indonesia, Cinyanja and Swahili by top universities around the world.

    Contact: Mervi Palander,
    or +358 40 702 6998

  • Continue reading Harvesting for Good, East Africa

    Harvesting for Good, East Africa

    Harvesting for Good, East Africa provides the necessary tools and services in helping improve access to fresh, healthy local food, using innovative approaches in resilient and regenerative agriculture. They provide services in integrated landscaping both on urban and peri-urban scales. They are looking for partnerships so that they are able to scale their operations wider and create something unique within this sector. They would offer expertise within the scope of knowledge sharing and impact. This could involve hosting short webinars/ classes for staff members and setting up kitchen gardens.


  • Continue reading HiHappening


    We provide an educational game solution with the concept of story games and reading experiences to motivate children to read. Our solution assists teachers in the classroom and improves the learning environment. We are looking for collaborative partners to carry out project initiatives in the education field, especially literacy.

    Hanna Järvelin:
    Dea Viinikainen:

  • Continue reading Hublet


    Hublet is specialized in providing tablets for shared use – including the docking station and management software. Collaboration with NGOs could include utilizing tablets in educational environments.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading inABLE


    The Mission of inABLE is to empower the blind and visually impaired students in Africa through assistive computer technology. Using assistive technology and effective training, inABLE celebrates the education advancements that completely blind, and visually impaired students can achieve. At inAble , we also advocate for the adoption of computer assistive technology in the education system.

  • Continue reading Kaffa Roastery

    Kaffa Roastery

    Kaffa Roastery is a coffee roastery that emphasizes sustainability and ethical aspects. For instance, the company pays for their coffee producers more than the Fair Trade -standards. The collaboration could include e.g. coffee sourcing in the global south. They have experience from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda among other areas.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Kikoba


    Kikoba is a mobile app for savings groups to collect funds, issue loans and manage all finances easily and securely. Kikoba enables accurate record-keeping of funds collected, by using a smartphone app, that ensures transparency, safe back-up and improved trust between members and groups. Having a real-time analysis pipeline allows Kikoba to make sense of all the transactions in real-time.

    Contact: Francis Mwakatumbula,

  • Continue reading Knock Knock

    Knock Knock

    We are building gadgets that help deaf persons know when important sounds occur around them.

    Contact: Esther Mueni

  • Continue reading Kometos


    Kometos produces modular food production facilities: thawing systems, tray packing and dosing -lines among others. Collaboration could include co-designing solutions relating to food security in the global south.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Laine Tommi Trading Oy

    Laine Tommi Trading Oy

    Tommi Laine Trading is a specialist in woodworking machinery and tools. Their main product is Slidetec – durable and mobile sawmill. The company has prior experience from Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya. The collaboration could include e.g. co-development of different tools and solutions with NGOs or training in sawmill operations.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Little Einsteins East Africa

    Little Einsteins East Africa

    Little Einsteins East Africa seeks to inspire and teach students about the world of science, technology, engineering and math through entertaining hands-on activities. Our aim is to guide a new generation of young science explorers through a genuine passion for learning how the world works. We operate in Kenya and Rwanda.


  • Continue reading Logonet


    Logonet is a versatile design and manufacturing company. They produce e.g. maternity packaging, working clothes and PPEs, and they have previously done a joint project in Kenya with World Vision in which they produced a maternity kit for demanding conditions. Collaboration could include co-developing also other similar product packages.

    Contact: Mika Roini,
    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Lune Group

    Lune Group

    Lunette produces menstruation cups. They have previously collaborated with Fida International (the cooperation has been sponsored by Finnpartnership) in East Africa. The collaboration has e.g. included training to the public about menstrual, sexual and reproductive health and rights. Future collaboration could be a similar project in other areas or continents.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Mehackit


    Mehackit provides technology training, learning content and pedagogics. The company e.g. develops educational solutions and materials with the mission to make technology skills more equal. They have previous experience from several African countries and Colombia.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Merivaara


    Merivaara is a health technology company. They produce e.g. hospital furniture. NGOs and the company could potentially co-develop new types of health-related concepts and solutions to be used in the global south.

    Size: Medium

  • Continue reading Mesensei


    Mesensei empowers communities to deploy their own digital platforms under their own brand and data controllership. They have previous experience of collaborating with NGOs.


  • Continue reading mFarming Pioneer

    mFarming Pioneer

    mFarming by Sibesonke is a digital agriculture pioneer in Africa. The award-winning platform connects smallholder farmers with local SMEs and international corporations. mFarming also serves non-profit partners with sustainable public-private cooperation. Sibesonke brings “innovation, sustainability, staff in East Africa, software developers and a passion to make a change” to the collaboration.

    Contact: Uwe Schwarz,
    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Mifuko Oy

    Mifuko Oy

    Mifuko manufactures bags in Kenya. The company has previously collaborated with the Finn Church Aid. Future collaboration with NGOs could include e.g. identifying new areas where to the company could expand their production.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Mirka


    Mirka is among the global leaders in abrasives technology and innovation. It produces abrasives, tools and polishing compounds. Collaboration could include, for instance, building a study program with local vocational schools and NGOs.

    Size: Large

  • Continue reading Molok


    Molok produces modern waste management solutions. Their products are sold in more than 40 countries, including Namibia, Zambia, Angola, Nigeria and Congo. The company and NGOs could e.g. produce solutions or organize training together on waste issues in the global south.

    Size: Medium

  • Continue reading Naps Solar Systems

    Naps Solar Systems

    Naps off-grid solutions are widely known for high quality and reliability and thus are used by B2B and B2C customers, governmental institutions and international NGOs since the 1980s. They offer strategic, tactical, humanitarian and telecommunications electricity solutions for off-grid and unstable grid distribution systems globally. The company has a strong experience of over 260 000 delivered solar systems to demanding conditions in over 140 countries on all continents, including Antarctica.

    Contact: Markus Andersén,
    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Nazava Water Filters

    Nazava Water Filters

    Nazava Water Filters is a social enterprise providing certified, high-quality ceramic water filters. Our mission is to ensure safe and affordable water for all. We empower households to purify their own water without electricity or boiling. We seek partners who share our mission and support vulnerable communities in accessing safe drinking water. Discounts and donations are available for wash projects.

    Contact: Hellen Mukanzi

  • Continue reading Nyangorora Banana Processors Limited

    Nyangorora Banana Processors Limited

    By providing relatively simple value addition to a common staple, we have helped around 580 individuals improve their income by offering fair trade prices and free training on business management basics, climate change mitigation and adaptation, banana cultivation and marketing. We’ve reduced the farming community’s reliance on brokers and traders, which often used predatory pricing to offset the risk of post-harvest loss, ultimately closing the door to economic development for suppliers. Nyangorora Banana Processors (NBP) is an excellent example of how value-added agriculture products can improve livelihoods. Although NBP is working hard to expand national distribution in the short term, our overriding long-term goal is to reach export markets.


  • Continue reading Olwel Oy Ltd

    Olwel Oy Ltd

    Olwel Oy provides the right healthcare services at the right time and place with the help of ICT and service innovation, e.g., healthcare professionals at home and over video visits. The company is looking for healthcare knowledge transfer, enabling service delivery for vulnerable groups. They offer an ICT-based integrated platform to enable service delivery and a doctor pool. The company is currently operating in Bangladesh but interested in Nepal, Pakistan and Ethiopia.

    Contact: M M Aftab Hossain,

  • Continue reading OnCloud Infotech

    OnCloud Infotech

    We are an IT software consulting company, which provides digital transformation by building scalable and performance-driven mobile and web applications. Our services: Mobile app development, digital marketing, web development, e-commerce, project outsourcing. We have offices both in India and in Finland.


  • Continue reading Optomed


    Optomed is a medical technology company providing solutions to prevent blindness and with the mission to guarantee access to high-quality screenings and to eradicate unnecessary blindness globally. Collaboration could focus on, for instance, projects related to preventive healthcare (especially screening programs), eye health, diabetes and health education that utilizes their products.

    Contact: Petri Huhtinen,
    Size: Medium

  • Continue reading Otava Learning

    Otava Learning

    Otava Learning is a leading Finnish learning content and services provider, providing educational content and services for the Finnish market. They also provide licensing services for our learning content and materials. With NGOs, the company could e.g. co-develop learning or educational services for students in different markets.

    Contact: Markku Pelkonen, or +358503103078
    Size: Large

  • Continue reading Pajat Solutions

    Pajat Solutions

    Pajat Solutions offers a mobile data management solution called Poimapper. It is a tool for organizations to monitor and collect data digitally. Pajat Solutions has previously worked in Africa and Asia e.g. with Plan International. Collaboration could include using their products in NGOs projects or customizing them to suit specific purposes.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Paulig


    Paulig is a family-owned food and beverage company, growing a new, sustainable food culture – one that is good for both people and the planet. It has prior experience of development cooperation for example, with Fair Trade in Ethiopia but also with other international NGOs in other sourcing countries. Collaboration could focus on projects linked to climate, circularity and human rights.

    Contact: Lea Rankinen,
    Size: Large

  • Continue reading Paylend


    Paylend is a fintech company focused on building a financial ecosystem. We are interested in partnering with NGOs that disburse funds to their beneficiaries. Paylend provides an infrastructure that locks funds to a specific utility – this means that disbursed funds are used for the intended purpose.


  • Continue reading Perfometer


    Perfometer Supports Dairy Investors to start and to run profitable dairy enterprises by providing professional advice and consultancy services. They run an academy of dairy managers and an academy on dairy investors. They offer Dairy farm benchmarking, Dairy farm master plans, Cow barn design and construction supervision and on farm coaching. They have CowPRo, an agritech solution offering cowherd management and fodder sourcing application. Perfometer has previous and ongoing partnerships with NGOs and has interests In Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Ghana.


  • Continue reading Planmeca


    Planmeca is a large manufacturer of dental equipment. It currently exports equipment and devices to several countries in the global south. Collaboration could include, for instance, education for dental hygiene.

    Size: Large

  • Continue reading PsychX


    We provide comprehensive, affordable and accessible mental wellness services. We are looking for strategic partnerships to enable us to unlock provide our services to corporates. We provide a diverse pool of mental wellness experts ready to meet employees at their point of need and improve their productivity.


  • Continue reading Raute


    Raute is a large technology and service company in the wood industry. It has experience from South America and Asia. Collaboration could involve e.g. cooperation in education or developing new solutions to local needs in the global south.

    Size: Large

  • Continue reading Resistomap


    Resistomap offers a laboratory and analysis service for monitoring antibiotic resistance from environmental samples such as hospital wastewater, rivers and lake, soils and manure. Our passion is to fight antibiotic resistance issues in Low- and Middle-income countries to help the countries to identify and characterize the hotspot sources of antibiotic resistance. We have prior experience of working with NGOs.

    Contact: Windi Muziasari,

  • Continue reading Saalasti


    Saalasti is an expert in the manufacture of innovative heavy-duty bioenergy machinery. It has prior experience of working in Southern Africa, Asia and South America.

    Size: Medium

  • Continue reading Salo Solar

    Salo Solar

    Salo Solar specializes in solar panels and solar collectors. Potentially, they could partner with NGOs to provide electricity to remote areas in the global south. They have prior experience from Asia and Africa.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Sampo Rosenlew

    Sampo Rosenlew

    Sampo Rosenlew is a large company that produces forestry machinery and combine harvesters. Collaboration with NGOs could focus on e.g. codeveloping agricultural training or solutions in the global south.

    Size: Large

  • Continue reading Savanna Circuit Technologies Limited

    Savanna Circuit Technologies Limited

    Savanna Circuit Technologies provides hardware and software solutions for post-production across the supply chain for aggregation, chilling on transit, and performance management. Our cutting-edge solar cooling milk chillers, solar dryers, and dairy management systems add value to and provide more income to youth and smallholder farmers. Additionally, our solutions are designed to automate processes for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

  • Continue reading

    Seppo is a gamification platform for the education and corporate sectors. With Seppo you can turn any learning material into a game. It has prior experience of working in Finland with WWF, Youth Academy, the Red Cross, and multiple local scout groups. It has also experience of working in the Gulf region, for example, with The International Fund for Houbara Conservation and in many countries in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Colombia. Seppo can be used in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish and Norwegian.

    Contact: Riku Alkio,
    Size: Small

  • Continue reading SIILI


    SIILI is a large digitalization consultant. The company has been involved with Southern Africa Innovation Support (SAIS2) in Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania and South-Africa. Collaboration could include, for instance, creating trainings or developing hubs.

    Size: Large

  • Continue reading Skhole Oy

    Skhole Oy

    Skhole Oy provides healthcare online courses for professionals, learning management system and content production. NGOs could create health-related training with the company or utilize their learning platform for training purposes.

    Contact: Tuomas Lipponen, or (+358) 45 177 4826
    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Solar Fire Concentration

    Solar Fire Concentration

    Solar Fire Concentration produces solar-powered ovens. The company has experience from several countries in the global south and has cooperated with Plan International and World Vision among others. Collaboration could be utilization of existing products, development of new types of products or educational cooperation.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Solar Water Solutions

    Solar Water Solutions

    Solar Water Solutions’ one-of-a-kind technology turns seawater and contaminated well water into drinking water powered by 100% solar – enabling the most energy-efficient solution to make safe water in remote areas. The company has experience from Kenya and Namibia, and it has previously partnered with i.a. World Vision. Solar Water Solutions products provide access to clean and affordable drinking water already for up to 10,000 people every day in off-the-grid communities.

    Contact: Anna Pohjola,
    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Suomen Paikkatietokonsultit

    Suomen Paikkatietokonsultit

    Suomen Paikkatietokonsultit is a consulting company focusing on geospatial solutions. It has experience of working in Vietnam and also in Africa. Collaboration with NGOs could be co-development of geospatial solutions.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Super Eclectic

    Super Eclectic

    Super Eclectic is a multimedia production team that collaborates with socially-engaged initiatives to communicate their ideas. We use words, graphics, sound, and moving images to create narratives and experiences across multiple digital and analog platforms.  Super Eclectic collaborates with NGOs, cultural institutions, non-profits, associations, people in the arts, publishing, education, and everything in-between.

    Contact: Agnieszka Pokrywka,

  • Continue reading SW Energia

    SW Energia

    SW Energia provides various solar power solutions. The company is actively targeting the African market and is active in Kenya, Gambia and Somaliland. Collaboration with NGOs could include e.g. implementing off-grid electrification.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Taka Taka Solutions

    Taka Taka Solutions

    TakaTaka Solutions are changing waste management by recycling 95% of the waste we manage. Through our vertically integrated model of waste collection, sorting, recycling, composting and incineration we offer our customers a one-stop-shop that meets the most demanding sustainability standards. Our recycling rate of 95% represents one of the highest recycling rates globally. At TakaTaka Solutions we understand waste as a resource.

  • Continue reading Taskmoby


    Taskmoby is a digital platform connecting users with much-needed home service providers like cleaners, plumbers, and electricians. It is instant, high quality, hassle-free and affordable. We are looking to partner with NGOs that are looking to link individuals at the community level with viable business opportunities. We operate in Ethiopia.

    Contact: Abeje Yonas

  • Continue reading Tespack


    Tespack designs and builds mobile energy-storage solutions. They have created the Solar Media Packpack that provides access to audio-visual education and humanitarian assistance in rural regions. With the Solar Media Backpack, any room can be turned into a full equipped classroom. They are looking for partners who focus on education, humanitarian assistance, and emergency relief and who are in need for innovative solutions that can provide the needed access to electricity. They have previously collaborated e.g. with Plan International, Save the Children and UNHCR. Currently, they are operating in Zambia, Uganda, Mozambique, Laos and Ethiopia but are interested to operate in more countries in Africa and South America.

    Contact: Caritta Seppä,
    Size: Small

  • Continue reading UZURI K&Y


    We are a 4R technology footwear company of recovering, reducing , recycling, and reusing wasted car tires to produce shoes. We exist to solve the environmental pollution and unemployment among the youth. We add value by producing high quality and affordable Eco footwear for a global market of conscious consumers. We are also equipping the youth with practical and soft skills to increase their potential of securing jobs or even creating small businesses. We are looking for partners in manufacturing, waste management and youth skills & employment

    Contact: Brenda Gahima

  • Continue reading Vakava Technologies

    Vakava Technologies

    Vakava Technologies is a dealer in innovative off-grid cold chain solutions. It provides tools for maintaining cold chains of e.g. agricultural products or medical supplies without external power sources. The company has an office in Nairobi, Kenya. Collaboration with NGOs could include developing local solutions or producing trainings on cold chains with the help of technology.


  • Continue reading Valmet


    Valmet is a global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. It has previously cooperated with the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation. Collaboration could include developing sustainable supply chains, responsible solutions and community education.

    Size: Large

  • Continue reading Watrec


    Watrec is an environmental engineering company, specialized in waste-to-energy solutions. Collaboration with NGOs could be e.g. environmental impact assessment or developing new solutions to fit the local needs in the global south.

    Size: Small

  • Continue reading Work Ahead

    Work Ahead

    Work Ahead provides a video-based survey application to help companies to ensure the sustainability and responsibility of their suppliers. The anonymous application also allows organizations to hear directly from workers in their international supply chains or partners. The company has experience of working in multiple countries in the global south. NGOs could take advantage of the service directly or develop and implement it for a specific need.

    Size: Small