Project Cycle Management in Development Cooperation

Welcome to study the basics of Project Cycle Management in Development Cooperation! This online self-study package is designed for all civil society organizations (CSOs) planning and implementing development cooperation projects. The aim is to support learning and capacity development of the CSOs, as well as to improve the quality and effectiveness of projects. The online material is also used in our face-to-face trainings as support and background material.

How can I attend the course?

The online self-study package is open to everyone interested in development cooperation. It is divided into seven topics, and all parts include texts, videos, podcasts, and links to additional materials. You can start learning any time and do it at your own pace. Please note that your course progression and performance are not stored on the course platform, but in the cache of your browser. If you wish, you can keep your own learning diary, where you will do assignments and record notes for yourself (see below for more detailed instructions).

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Kaksi naista seisovat vastakkain ja hymyilevät kameraan. Taustalla heidän välissään African care -järjestön roll-up.

1. What is development cooperation?

Hiekkatiemaisema Mosambikin maaseudusta.

3. Understanding the operating environment

Joukko järjestöihmisiä Eduskuntatalon portailla.

2. Development cooperation by civil society organizations

Pöydällä laskin ja kolme kolikko pinoa. Taustalla käsi kirjoittaa kierrevihkoon.

4. Project planning

Henkilö seisoo keskellä viljapeltoa aunringonlaskun edessä.

5. Project implementation

Taimi kasvaa kolikkokasasta.

7. Funding the project with the support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the EU

Luokkahuone takaapäin kuvattuna. Edustalla liitutaulu.

6. Monitoring and evaluation

Competence badge and learning diary

New! You can get a Competency Badge on Project Cycle Management by completing Fingo’s learning diary. In the learning diary template you will find instructions and questions that help you reflect on what you have learned in the online course. Download the learning diary, complete it according to the instructions and return it to You will be contacted regarding the receipt of the competency badge.


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