User guidelines

Our meeting rooms are meant for member organisations’ meetings, seminars and training sessions. Please familiarize yourself with these booking policies before making a reservation.


You can book a meeting room by using the reservation form (in Finnish) or by emailing We process bookings in the order they come in.


We provide only permanent keys to organizations. To order a key, email the name of your organization and the person who will pick up the key for the organization’s use. You can get the key and PIN code from Lintulahdenvuori building’s lobby in exchange for an ID and signature. The lobby service is open on weekdays from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

The user must take care of Fingo’s key and PIN code and may not hand them over to outsiders. If you do not return the key or lose it, you will be charged any expenses caused by blocking it. You must contact Fingo immediately if you lose the key. The receiver of the key must return the key by the next working day, unless agreed otherwise.

The keys and PIN code must not be stored together or with address details.

Entering and leaving

The building’s front doors are open on weekdays from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. At other times, you need a key and PIN code to enter. First show the key to the reader and then enter the PIN code. With the elevator, you can get to the 2nd floor by showing the key to the elevator reader and pressing the floor button. People participating in the event must be picked up from the lobby of Lintulahdenvuori.

As a user of the meeting rooms, you are responsible for monitoring Fingo’s property during the reservation period. When you leave the premises, turn off the electrical equipment and lights and close the doors. Make sure that there are no outsiders in the premises. Take all your own belongings with you, also from the kitchen. Fingo is not responsible for property left in the organization’s premises, and Fingo’s office may not be used to store property.


As a user of the premises, you agree to clean up after yourself in the meeting room and kitchen and to notify Fingo of broken or lost equipment. The user will be charged if any extra cleaning is needed after their booking or if any of Fingo’s property is deliberately broken or lost.


Unfortunately, due to allergies, pets cannot be brought to Fingo’s meeting rooms. If you need a guide dog, please let us know in advance:

Rescue plan

The rescue plan for the property can be found in Fingo’s office on the wall of the corridor leading to the meeting rooms. Familiarize yourself with it so you can remember the route in an emergency. You may not use the elevator for emergency exits.

Breach of contract

If the user of the premises does not follow the rules of use of the premises, or if Fingo has a justified reason to suspect that the user of the premises’ activities are in conflict with Fingo’s values ​​and methods of operation, Fingo may prohibit the use of the premises for a limited period of time or completely. Any decision about a ban will be made by Fingo’s management, and the user will be informed about it with a written notification. Before making a decision, the user will be given an opportunity to be heard.