SDG Awareness Raising Via Social Media

United Nations Associations of Finland and Tanzania (UNA Finland & UNA Tanzania) experimented with accelerating learning about SDGs in East Africa, enhancing skills in tailor-making social media content for the different digital platforms and targeted campaigns.


UNA used the free SDGs Course by Funzi as a model for raising awareness of SDGs among young people in Tanzania. UNA used several engagement channels and strategies to deliver the content. Social media channels were an appropriate platform as a common point of interest for young people and demonstrated to be a learning-friendly model.

Internet unreliability in accessing the online course and social media platforms was challenging.


The course was a learning opportunity for the NGO staff in Morogoro on how to integrate SDG capacity strengthening into development projects. As a result, 380 learners enrolled in the SDG course. 63% completed the course and received certificates of achievement.

After the course, UNA developed tools for Impact communication and social media management.

UNA also held a three-day online youth day exposition on fostering collaboration and encouraging youth to host and participate in virtual exhibitions. It also showcased youth programs, conducted relevant master classes, supported the publicity of youth innovators, and promoted dialogue among the young people on establishing a business in Tanzania.


With the increasing potential of online platforms, there is scale potential for scaling SDGs Free Online Course by Funzi

United Nation’s Foundation: SDG Awareness Raising via Social Media (PDF)