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All trainings for autumn 2023 are now available – be the first to sign up

Do you have some free time in your calendar after the summer? Right now is the best time of the year to update your skills. Fingo organises quality trainings also in English.

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Fingo organises quality trainings also in English. Trainings are focused on different aspects of Development Cooperation and they are held online. Trainings are targeted to civil society actors.

Learn about Outcome Harvesting approach!

Fingo organizes a hands-on training on Outcome harvesting approach in November-December with top-class trainers. All the places have already been booked; you can register in the queue.   

Please see training details and how to register in the queue here.

All Powerbank training are held in English

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Social Change: Training for Civil Society Actors

In a world where technology advances at a breathtaking pace, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a potentially revolutionary force that can reshape our societies, democracies, and lives. But what does AI mean for the civil society? How can we, as advocates for social change, harness the opportunities and navigate the risks of this transformative technology?

We are excited to invite you to the first session of the two-part online workshop crafted especially for CSOs and tailored to empower you with the knowledge and skills required to leverage AI in your work.

You are welcome to join either one or both sessions!

Session 1: Orientation & Practical AI Tools – 5th September

Session 2: AI’s Societal Influence & Future Scenarios – 15th September

Disability inclusion: Assistive Technologies training- 20th September 2023

What does meaningful disability inclusion in international development mean? How can Assistive Technologies support disability inclusion in your projects?

This is interactive and practical training aimed at supporting Fingo member organisations and their partners on designing inclusive and innovative interventions, with a focus on Assistive Technology in their projects. The training is organised by Fingo Powerbank and Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub). GDI Hub is a research and practice centre driving disability innovation for a fairer world without disability injustices. GDI Hub has operations in 41 countries, working with more than 70 partners. More information can be found here

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Learn to apply Principles for Digital Development: A Training for Civil Society Organizations -11th October 2023

The use of digital solutions and technology is continuously increasing in international development projects across sectors. While different technologies have the potential to increase efficiency, reach and impact of development work, the benefits are not automatic, and many things can go wrong.

The Principles for Digital Development are a set of guidelines to help development actors realize the full potential of digitally supported programs. They offer nine specific best practices, each with a set of guiding questions, resources, and project life-cycle applications that will help you implement the principles on your projects. In this training will give an introduction on how to put in practice the nine Principles with interactive exercise.

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Empowering civil society through technology: an orientation on useful software, hardware, and online solutions – 7th November 2023

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