20. marraskuu 2023

Outcome harvesting -training


Aloituspäivä ja aika 20.11.2023 - 10:30
Päättymispäivä ja aika 01.12.2023 - 12:00
Ilmoittaudu viimeistään 30.09.2023 - 23:59
Paikka Online in zoom, the link will be sent later to the registered participants
Yhteystiedot senja.vaatainen@fingo.fi
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Järjestäjä Suomalaiset kehitysjärjestöt − Finnish Development NGOs Fingo ry

Are you finding it difficult to monitor and evaluate your project in ever-changing situations? Plans and objectives set earlier might have changed over time, and there are many factors and actors influencing your results, making the facilitation of change complex. Outcomes are still being achieved, and you are seeking an approach to capture them? This training is for you!

WHAT: Outcome Harvesting is a monitoring and evaluation tool that is being used worldwide to robustly identify, describe, analyse and interpret outcomes regardless of whether they were pre-defined. Outcome Harvesting collects (“harvests”) evidence of what has changed (“outcomes”) and then, working backwards, determines whether and how an intervention has contributed to these changes. Also, the MFA of Finland is increasingly using the method in the monitoring and evaluation of its programmes.

WHEN: The training will be conducted online over five sessions. It includes four three-hour sessions and a final one-hour session, plus 30-60 minutes homework before session 1-3 and 60-120 minutes before session 5. Dates: 20th, 23rd, 27th, 28th November and 1st of December. All the sessions start at 10.30 am.

HOW: The training aims to assist you to reach a level of understanding where you can apply OH approach in your own work. ‘Learning by doing’ is one of the principles of Outcome Harvesting and as such it underpins the highly participatory approach taken by the trainers during the training. Participants will enrich their understanding of the steps, concepts and principles of Outcome Harvesting by applying the steps to a case study given by the trainers and to participants’ own case during homework and in-session exercises. Those who sign up together with colleagues can choose a single case and do the homework together. When choosing a case keep in mind that it can be a past, present or future project. You do not need to have access to documents on your case but you do need to know it well. Requirements: Participants are expected join all the live sessions. Because the training is highly participatory, it is not possible to follow the course through recordings of the sessions. Moreover, we will assume all participants will have done the independent, offline study.

FOR WHOM: The training is meant for Fingo member organisations and their partners working in development, peace building work, or humanitarian work (but not direct service delivery). No prior knowledge of OH is needed. Also, other interested participants are welcome if places are available. The training is for maximum 25 participants. Preliminarily we allow three participants per organization and its partners (i.e. one from Finnish NGO and two from the partner organization) but in case there are places left after 15th of September we inform those who have indicated interest for more participants.

OBJECTIVES: By the end of the training participants will have:

  • an understanding of the key concepts, steps and principles of OH 
  • consolidated learning through practical exercises, group work and trainer feedback
  • appreciated that OH always needs to be adapted
  • identified ways in which they can use OH in their work
  • the knowledge needed to introduce OH to colleagues

COST: The fee is 250 euros for Fingo members and 500 euros for others. The down payment of 150 euros needs to be paid by 30th September.

REGISTRATION: Register by 15th of September and prepare to pay first part of the fee by 30th of September. The course will be realised with minimum of 20 registered participants by 30th of September.  

TRAINERS: The training will be facilitated by the Outcome Harvesting Training Team, Goele Scheers and Richard Smith. They are one of the best and most active OH evaluators and trainers. Goele and Richard have contributed to developing the Outcome Harvesting approach itself and have experience of harvesting outcomes for monitoring and evaluation from over 70 countries, working with local and international NGOs, multi-lateral organisations, funders, government ministries, education institutions and networks. The team has applied Outcome Harvesting with interventions that have diverse goals including peace building, advocacy, human rights, democracy, sustainable agriculture and forestry, gender equality, governance and accountability, capacity development, child protection and disaster response. Goele and Richard run Outcome Harvesting training courses multiple times a year, both public as well as in-house.

MORE INFORMATION: See the preliminary training programme. If you have questions, contact senja.vaatainen@fingo.fi

Registration form can be found by pressing the below ”Ilmoittaudu tapahtumaan” button.