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Who will be the Global Philanthropist of the Year 2024? Nominate a person for an award

The search for the Global Philanthropist of the Year is open again. This year, the prize highlights the work done for a fairer and more sustainable future in Finland. The winner of the award is a person whose actions have been significant, selfless and actively improving the world. The value of the prize is one thousand euros. Anyone can nominate candidates until 30.4. The prize is awarded by Fingo, the umbrella organisation of Finnish development organisations, and it is awarded for the fourth time this year.

“In an unstable world, the greatest hope arises from actions. That we do not give up, and we have energy to strive for the common good and a brighter tomorrow near and far. Changes often start with small things, in the middle of everyday life, and at best spread into world-changing phenomena. Without the changemakers who put themselves on the line, we would be lost,” says Fingo’s Communications Director Salla Peltonen.    

The winner of the prize will be selected by a jury consisting of Miia Nuikka, Executive Director of Solidarity, mental health influencer Markus Raivio and Yle’s Africa correspondent Pasi Toivonen. The chairman of the jury is Anni Valtonen, Editor-in-Chief of Maailman Kuvalehti. 

The recipient can be, for example, a civic activist, a devoted volunteer, a teacher or journalist who deals with global themes in their work, a health care professional, an influencer in the cultural sector or an entrepreneur who invests in sustainable development. It is essential that the recipient works in Finland, developing Finnish society.

“We live in a time where various disaster news have become part of everyday life and the media landscape around us. Social inequality is deepening and polarization is a reality everywhere. We now want to turn our attention to the work being done in Finland to create security, well-being and social peace all over the world. I think that making the world a better place now begins at each of our doorsteps,” says Anni Valtonen, Editor-in-Chief of Maailman Kuvalehti.

There are only three criteria: the actions of the recipient have been significant, selfless and actively improving the world. The activity has taken place in Finland and may have been non-profit, but it is not necessary. However, the main purpose of the activity must have been to build a better world. There must be evidence of the influence and significance of the work. The activities of the recipient must have taken place between 1.5.2023 and 31.3.2024.

Nominations can be made by anyone until 30.4.2024 via this form.

The top three chosen by the jury will be announced in mid-May, and the the Global Philanthropist of the Year will be announced on Sunday 26.5. at 1.15 p.m. on the main stage of World Village Festival.

Additional information:

Salla Peltonen, Communications Director, Suomalaiset kehitysjärjestöt – Finnish Development NGOs Fingo ry
+358 50 317 6710,