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    AFRIpads Limited

    AFRIpads is the largest manufacturer of reusable sanitary pads in Africa and operates a quality-certified factory in Uganda. We have offices in Kampala, Nairobi and Harare and sell and distribute our products all over the continent and in the Middle East. We are a social enterprise, employing over 80 women in rural Uganda and providing free training on Menstrual Health Management and our products to all our customers, which include several of the international humanitarian NGO’s. AFRIpads seeks to join FINGO to connect with organizations with shared values in reducing menstrual inequality to join hands in making the products and training as easily accessible as possible especially in the developing world. AFRIpads has a wealth of experience of over 13 years’ experience in the menstrual hygiene sector and can supply quality reusable sanitary pads and underwear to organizations that require them for beneficiaries. We can also support with menstrual hygiene program development and training in menstrual health management.

    Contact: Daniel Mugenga