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    ArcGIS Online

    Cloud-based mapping and analysis service that supports field activities. Useful for making maps, analyzing data and sharing information. Main use: Show data on maps, analyze data & share information.

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    Chatbot for interactive learning. Free of charge to the users. Arifu’s chatbot allows both smart and feature phone users to learn via SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Provides information on multiple topics, for instance, on farming and preventing COVID-19. Main use: Access to information via chatbot.

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    BRCK – Kio Kit

    Fully integrated education platform designed in Africa that “turns any school room into a digital classroom”. Contains 40 easy-to-use Kio tablets, wireless charging and lockable case. The tablets can run multimedia content and have sustainable batteries to manage only irregular charging. Main use: Tablets for educational purposes.

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    Cloud-based platform that provides extensive GIS and web mapping tools. Offers possibilities to analyze data and represent it with a web map. Freemium service. Main use: Design maps, analyze data & share information.

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    Mobile data collection and SMS & voice services with extensive features. Offers wide possibilities for case and data management. Main use: Gather information and interact with communities and individuals.

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    Eneza Education

    Mobile education platform that works via SMS and web. Users can study with curated content (ages 9 to 18) take quizzes and ask questions from teachers – among other things. Available in Kenya but also in Ghana and Ivory Coast. Main use: Education content.

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    Hadithi! Hadithi!

    Literacy app to boost 6- and 7-year old’s reading both in Kiswahili and English, aligned with the curriculum. The app incudes dozens of stories written by Kenyan teachers and illustrated by East African artists. They also have a literacy app built for Somali adults who have missed out on school. Has the capacity to build apps in new languages. Main use: Boost literacy skills.

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    Free and open source mobile data collection. Efficient way for gathering information in the field. Excellent tool to start with. Sustainable choice without user fees. Main use: Gather information from communities and individuals.

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    Provides information about +30 free apps and resources to support distance learning in schools that are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Main use: Wide range of education apps for teachers to utilize.

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    Data collection tool for groups. Includes clickers and works together with Powerpoint. The system is portable and easy to use with large groups – for example making surveys with classes at schools. Main use: Gather information from groups.