2. marraskuu 2022

Parliamentary elections campaign meeting for Fingo’s members


Aloituspäivä ja aika 02.11.2022 - 16:00
Päättymispäivä ja aika 02.11.2022 - 18:30
Kieli English
Järjestäjä Fingo

The elections of the parliament of Finland will be held on the 2nd April in 2023. Fingo will organize a campaign to reach out to political parties and individual candidates. As Fingo is not one single organization but a cluster of 270 member organisations, it is tremendously important to encourage as many members as possible to play a part in the campaign. We strongly believe that 270 voices multiplied by all individual members of our member organisations is a mighty force to push forward our key tasks. We also believe that it of an utmost importance to ensure that the whole diversity of Fingo´s membership is well reflected and taken into account when we run the parliamentary election campaign 2023. For this reason we invite our member organisations with English-speaking active members to a campaign event on Wednesday the 2nd November at Fingo´s office, Lintulahdenkuja 10, Helsinki. The event will be held in English only.

Please find the programme here underneath. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.


16.00–16.30 hours  Drop-in for coffee and refreshement  at Fingo´s reception. The campaign team of Fingo´s staff and Abdirahim Hussein, a member of Fingo´s board introduce themselves.  

16.30–17.00 hours   A briefing about Fingo’s election campaign and where we stand, and on the key demands for the new government programme in Lintulahdenkuja 10.

17.00–18.00 hours  Election campaigns: How to participate and advice on how to use or benefit from Fingo´s campaign material. Discussion on good methods.

18.00–18.30 hours  Time for feedback and comments, closing remarks 

* this campaign event is moderated all the way through by Silla and Ilmari 

Silla Ristimäki                                                     Ilmari Nalbantoglu

email. silla.ristimaki@fingo.fi                          email. ilmari.nalbantoglu@fingo.fi

tel. 050 317 6702                                               tel. 050 317 6693

Timo Lappalainen                                              Sara Levänen

email. timo.lappalainen@fingo.fi                   email. sara.levanen@fingo.fi

tel. 050 317 6700                                               tel. 050 317 6716