27. lokakuu 2022

Evaluation of the Finnish Development Policy Influencing in the European Union

Muu tapahtuma

Aloituspäivä ja aika 27.10.2022 - 09:15
Päättymispäivä ja aika 28.10.2022 - 11:30
Ilmoittaudu viimeistään 26.10.2022 - 00:00

Two separate events:

Thu 27 October at 09:15-12:00 (EEST): Policy level discussion, House of the Estates, Helsinki

Fri 28 October at 09:30-11:30 (EEST): Webinar:Country level discussion, Teams.

This strategic evaluation, implemented between Nov 2021 and Oct 2022, aimed to assess the relevance, effectiveness and coherence of the different development policy influencing activities by the Ministry concerning the EU and its institutions, and to provide guidance to the Ministry on strengthening of the influencing activities for the future.

To that end, three main questions were asked:

  1. To what extent are the MFA’s management approaches, arrangements, processes, and tools efficiently organised to maximise Finland’s influence from the point of view of development policy and cooperation?
  2. To what extent has the MFA succeeded in promoting and incorporating its development policy objectives and principles in its engagement and relations with the EU in a relevant, coherent and efficient manner?
  3. To what extent has the MFA succeeded in attaining influencing objectives/changes in the EU for the advancement of the Finnish and international development agenda and interests?

The evaluation covered both headquarter and country level activities and engagement with various stakeholders. In terms of policy processes, specific attention was given to evaluating Finland’s EU presidency in 2019, the negotiations leading to the new funding instrument (NDICI) and Team Europe approach. A light peer review of Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Sweden was included. In addition, country experiences in Nepal, Tanzania and Ukraine were explored, including joint programming. The evaluation drew evidence from documents, interviews and surveys from various sources covering stakeholders and MFA staff members engaged in influencing activities at the various levels. We will aim to publish the report on our website latest on Tue 25 October 2022.

Join us and discuss the implications for the next government programme!

Different stakeholders are cordially invited to take part in the discussions on the implications of the findings of this evaluation and Finland’s engagement with the EU in the advancement of the common development policy agenda. We hope to see as many as possible participating in person in the live event. For our partners and stakeholders outside Finland, we welcome participation in the online event. You may also register for both. 

Please see the programme attached.


Here for the live event at the House of the Estates, Helsinki by 24 October 2022; 12:00 EEST

Here for the on-line webinar in Teams by 26 October 2022, 12:00 EEST.

For any enquiries, please contact nea-mari.heinonen@formin.fi or EVA-11@formin.fi