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    Optoma ML1050ST / ML750ST

    Portable and light-weight projector that has a durable, 20 000-hour LED-lamp. Contains a media player, built-in speaker, microSD card-slot and USB-connection. Main use: Present information to groups.

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    Digital data collection via mobile phones. Developer team located in Espoo, Finland. Flexible in adjusting the service according to NGO needs. Main use: Gather information from communities and individuals.

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    A portable device with hard-drive and wifi-connection. Contains wide variety of open source and free educational material in several languages. Useful in remote locations that do not have access to the internet. Use: Provide access to educational materials in remote locations.

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    Shule Direct

    Local, accessible and digitized learning content for individual students and teachers as well as schools in the Secondary School level in Tanzania. Provides web platform (online & offline), mobile applications and offline SMS services. Main use: Learning content for students, teachers and schools.

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    Lytefire solar oven

    Solar thermal oven that can be produced and maintained in many areas using locally available materials. Uses direct solar energy (no electricity). Main use: bake dehydrate and roast food. Temperature up to 300°C. Available in combination with technical, baking and entrepreneurship training.’

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    Solar Media Backpack

    Portable media station for settings with limited access to electricity and internet. Contains a durable projector, loudspeakers and 6–8-hour battery. Operates with solar panels as well as grid electricity. Main use: Present information (videos, photos, presentations etc.) to groups.

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    Solar Water Solutions

    Drinking water in remote locations. The water-purifiers are designed to function in remote settings. They operate with solar panels, are fully automatic and easy to maintain. Main use: Make drinking water in off-grid locations.

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    Message and voice service platform. You can set up your own platform to communicate people using automated SMS or voice messages. Internet connection is not required for the users. Main use: Share information and interact with large number of people owning a basic mobile phone.

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    Entertaining education content for kids via a wide range of platforms and services: TV (cartoons), radio, mobile devices and apps. Ubongo is said to be Africa’s leading edutainment company. Main use: Wide range of education content for children.

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    TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. It has an ecosystem of tools, libraries, and community resources that lets researchers push the state-of-the-art in machine learning and developers easily build and deploy machine learning-powered applications.